Chen Wenjia, a shareholder of Qingniao fire, reduced 444400 shares and cashed out about 15310600 shares

On March 11, Qingniao fire (002960) recently announced that Chen Wenjia, the shareholder of the company, reduced 444400 shares of the company by means of centralized bidding and block trading. The price range of this reduction is 34.45-46.22 yuan / share, and the cash out is about 15310600 yuan.

青鸟消防股东陈文佳减持44.44万股 套现约1531.06万

According to the announcement, Chen Wenjia held 18.81172 million shares of the company before the reduction, and 18.36729 million shares after the reduction, accounting for 7.46% of the total share capital.

According to the company’s 2020 performance bulletin, the net profit of the Company attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2020 was 429352503.33 yuan, an increase of 18.53% over the same period of last year.

According to, Bluebird fire focuses on fire safety and Internet of things. At present, its main business is R & D, production and sales of “one-stop” fire safety system products. Based on this, Bluebird fire will actively extend to security, Internet of things and other related fields. It will make full use of AI, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to further improve the performance, compatibility, intelligence and reliability of products And then realize the global goal of “fire safety + Internet of things”.



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