Epomaker releases new keyboard: Retro wireless ultra compact

On April 30, 2021, epomker, a manufacturer of peripherals, released epomkerb21, a wireless mechanical keyboard. The keyboard adopts a rare 65% layout. The color of the key cap is retro gray and white, while ESC, space and carriage return are green. The two pink control knobs in the left and right upper corners of the keyboard add a bit of loveliness to the keyboard.

This wireless mechanical keyboard is connected through Bluetooth, and supports Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. There are three Bluetooth switch on the top of the keyboard, which indicates that this keyboard supports the connection of up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time. In the daily use environment, there is no problem connecting tablet computers, laptops and desktops at the same time, and the productivity is good. In fact, in addition to Bluetooth connection, epomkerb21 also supports wired connection. The attached usbtype-c data cable can not only charge the keyboard, but also act as a wired connection line. Desktop computers without Bluetooth adapter can also use it happily.

It is said that the layout of epomkerb21 is designed to be as small as possible and meet the application scenarios of MAC and windows at the same time. Therefore, the multimedia and function keys compatible with the two PC operating systems are preserved. With two lovely knobs, the practicability of the keyboard is good.

In terms of hardware materials that peripheral players are more concerned about, epomkerb21 adopts cherry axis switch, with three axes of green tea and black. The keyboard is made of PBT material, and has a built-in 4000 MAH battery. Generally speaking, this set of materials is geek style, so it should be able to enter the “magic eye” of peripheral players.

At present, epomkerb21 has been put on the public funding platform indiegogo, and the price of zaoniao is 99 US dollars (equivalent to 640 RMB). The small partners who are interested in this kind of retro wireless keyboard may pay attention to it.

Author: Didi



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