Panasonic to reduce internal TV production, to small and medium-sized model outsourcing to TCL

Driving China’s news on April 30, 2021, Japanese brands such as Panasonic and Toshiba used to be synonymous with high-end products in the minds of Chinese people. However, geese are different from each other. Nowadays, the home appliance market is no longer dominated by foreign products. With the rise of domestic home appliance brands, we find that these products like Panasonic, which were once branded as high-end home appliance brands, are not dominated by foreign products, Lost in the market.


Now it is reported that Panasonic is ready to outsource the production of small and medium-sized TVs to TCL. According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun, Panasonic has reached an agreement with TCL in terms of TV business. It plans to outsource the production of small and medium-sized TVs to TCL from this year. As for large-size LCD TVs and OLED TVs, Panasonic will continue to produce them internally. The agreement is expected to be reached in May.

It is understood that through the outsourcing plan, Panasonic expects that the internal TV production is expected to decrease to 3.5 million sets / year, with a decline rate of 30% to 40%. Panasonic’s move is mainly due to the low profit of small and medium-sized TV products. If we really outsource the production of small and medium-sized TV, it will undoubtedly help us to further reduce costs.

What’s the point? No matter how glorious the history was, we still have to judge the situation and make some choices. We can no longer care about the face project. It is obvious that we have to worry about the gain and loss of interests. In fact, in addition to Panasonic, it is not new for Japanese household appliance enterprises to withdraw from the color TV market in recent years.

According to incomplete statistics, Hitachi withdrew from its own TV production in 2012, and instead purchased OEM TVs and sold them under the Hitachi brand. In addition, Toshiba sold its TV business to Hisense in 2018, while Sony currently only produces and sells high-end models.

So from this point of view, this transformation of Panasonic TV is really no big deal, life will go on.



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