National wind game this understanding! Evaluation of seven rainbow star x15

As a well-known graphics card manufacturer in China, Qicaihong’s product line not only includes graphics card, but also involves motherboard, memory, solid state hard disk, complete machine, all-in-one machine and other product lines. In 2021, Qicaihong has expanded its product line again. This time, they will focus on the game book

The national wind game book, Jiangxing x15, is the first answer paper submitted by Qicaihong for the game book. How will Qicaihong’s first notebook perform? Let’s evaluate it.

Configuration introduction:

Test summary:

Highlights summary:

1. Different from the traditional game of the national style design;

2. High refresh rate + high gamut screen in the same price notebook is not common;

3. It has high cost performance;

4. Excellent heat dissipation effect;

5. Rich operation options of control center can bring excellent game experience for gamers.

Beautiful youth

Qicaihong Jiangxing x15’s main selling point is the national style design, so in the appearance design, Qicaihong Jiangxing x15 is different from the traditional notebook’s rigid black main color body, with the main color of star blue, quiet, elegant body and highly recognizable.

The a side of the fuselage is frosted, which makes the metal fuselage more textured and less likely to be stained with fingerprints.

The figure of “Lei Zhenzi”, the virtual spokesman of Jiangxing x15, is added to the C-side handle of the fuselage. The simple lines outline the traditional mythical image of Lei Zhenzi. Lei Zhenzi’s hero in the list of gods, who “born the star”, also explains the name of the game book.

During the pre-sale period, according to the order of final payment, the top 20 users will present a gift bag around the game book collection edition, including mortise and tenon wooden box, wooden bookmark, Lu Zhengyi’s Lei Zhenzi hand-made, Lei Zhenzi printed notebook, adapter storage bag, Guochao mouse pad and Guofeng calendar. Every peripheral gift is not only very national, but also practical.

Not only is the appearance eye-catching, Jiangxing x15 also uses a 15.6-inch electronic competition screen with 86% high screen proportion of DC dimming.

This screen has not only achieved the 144hz refresh rate of the current mainstream game standard, but also achieved 98% sRGB gamut, brightness and contrast as high as 357 and 900:1. In the game book with the same configuration, such screen parameters are rare.

Jiangxing x15 uses a colorful backlight keyboard in the keyboard part, and has a complete digital keyboard. The keyboard has clear paragraph feeling, full feedback and excellent hand feeling.

The brightness of the keyboard is multi-level adjustable, and the keyboard can switch 15 colors freely through the ledkeyboard keyboard backlight.

Jiangxing x15 is equipped with a set of control center – controlcenter3.0. Through the control center (FN + ESC), you can select the power mode according to your own situation. At the same time, you can also enter the maximum performance release mode through FN + 1, which is convenient for users to operate.

Four performance modes

Power saving mode: improves battery life (processor turbo and independent graphics processor turbo will be turned off).

Quiet mode: can effectively reduce fan noise, but also reduce the power used by the processor and graphics processor.

Entertainment mode: it can balance the power usage of processor and graphics processor, and is the best mode to watch video.

Performance mode: can provide high energy consumption for processor and graphics processor, the best choice for playing games.

In the control center, we can also customize the keyboard macro keys. It’s not a dream to release the continuous moves with one key. We can also adjust the keyboard backlight and customize the fan speed, which can bring great convenience to the game players.

In the aspect of interface, star x15 is configured with a minidp (truelink). Through this interface, our external devices can directly transmit lossless image quality from GPU to increase user experience. In addition, Jiangxing x15 is also equipped with a hdmi1.4, a usb3.2gen2typec, two usb3.2gen1typea, a USB2.0, a 2-in-1 CTIA headphone interface, a microphone, a microSD card reader and an RJ-45 network interface. The interface configuration is very complete.

The fuselage is about 21.9mm thick, and the fuselage weight is about 1.85kg. Compared with the current mainstream price game book, it is absolutely light and thin.

Game testing

In the half-hour experience of “League of heroes” with extremely high image quality, Jiangxing x15 performed very well. The frame number was very stable, with an average of 160 frames. In the fierce group battle, the frame number did not drop below 130.

In CS: go, the frame number of star x15 can be kept at more than 140 frames. In general environment, the frame number can be kept at about 200 frames. In the environment with more props, the frame number can also be kept at more than 140 frames. In half an hour’s game experience, the whole game is smooth and there is no jam.

Tomb Raider: shadow’s high-quality star x15 has an average of 57 frames, which can ensure the smooth operation of the basic game.

In the initial night market (general light, medium range, complex environment) scene, the star x15 frame number is stabilized between 52-60 frames.

After the environment is switched to rainforest (complex light, medium range and complex environment), the frame number of star x15 is between 48-55.

When it comes to perspective, the number of frames soars to 85-94.

In the following market environment (general light, medium view and complex environment), the frame number of star x15 was kept between 52-59.

In the high-quality game test of “island scare: new dawn”, Jiangxing x15 can achieve an average frame number of 65. Let’s take a look at the number of frames in different scenes.

In the buildings with complex light, the frame number of star x15 can be guaranteed between 45 and 56.

In the dim indoor environment, the frame number of star x15 reaches 63-75.

In the test of bright and open outdoor and perspective, the frame number of star x15 can be kept at 63-77.

And the test frame number of star x15 in the battle scene can also be maintained between 53 and 62.


Jiangxing x15 is equipped with Intel corei7-10870h processor, with 8 cores and 16 threads. The basic frequency of the processor is 2.20hz, and the maximum frequency is 5.00hz. The graphics card adopts NVIDIA geforce gtx1650ti professional game graphics card. The memory is equipped with 2x8gb dual channel memory, supporting up to 32GB. The hard disk adopts m.22280ssd of gen3pcie * 4, supporting 2.5-inch SSD / HDD Hard disk expansion. How about the performance of Jiangxing x15?

In the test of cinebenchr23, we can find that Intel corei7-10870h of Jiangxing x15 achieves 8419pts in multi-core and 1178pts in single core.

In the test of 3dmark, we chose timespy, timespyextreme and firestrike, and Jiangxing x15 scored 4010, 1825 and 9375 in these three tests respectively.

In the hard disk test of crystal diskmark, the sequential read-write speed of Jiangxing x15 can reach 3414.95mb/s, 1917.81mb/s, 4K read-write can reach 47.24mb/s, 156.33mb/s.

With a certain understanding of the performance, we will try to copy the star x15. After 30 minutes + of double copy, the star x15 runs stably. According to the broken line chart, the star x15 does not reduce the frequency during the half-hour copy process, and runs stably.

In terms of heat dissipation, Jiangxing x15 adopts the high wind 2.0 heat dissipation system, with the design of left and right double upper heat dissipation modules. It has four large-size heat pipes, multiple vents and heat conducting fins, which can quickly export heat.

After the double copy, the temperature of Jiangxing x15 was tested immediately. In the infrared temperature phenomenon diagram, we can clearly see that the temperature of WASD keyboard area is below 30 ℃. This kind of temperature will not let the game users appear in the game for a long time, because the fuselage overheats and affects the use experience.


Based on the above tests, Jiangxing x15 is the only one with 144hz refresh rate, nearly 100% sRGB color gamut, 1.85kg body weight and 21.9mm thickness. Moreover, Qicaihong has not only prepared rich peripheral facilities for Jiangxing x15, but also provided two-year professional after-sales service for Jiangxing x15, including unlimited on-site maintenance of hardware problems and two-year warranty.

Overall, this game has a very high cost-effective, and in the same price game with the best hardware configuration and after-sales service, is a rare product.

At the same time, around June this year, Qicaihong will be updated with the release of Intel’s 11th generation standard voltage processor, and the game book equipped with rtx30 Series graphics card and 11th generation standard voltage processor will be updated.

Author: Fengniao



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