The screen is full of hard power, and the global shipment of Xiaomi Bracelet 6 has exceeded 1 million



Not long ago, Xiaomi held a spring new product launch with the theme of “endless growth” and officially released the national product Xiaomi Bracelet 6. Since the release of the early generation of Xiaomi bracelet, Xiaomi has always occupied the first market share in the industry, and continues to lead the industry to explore forward. Recently, millet Bracelet 6 has completed the global shipment of 1 million sales.

满屏都是硬实力 小米手环6全球出货量突破100万只

It has been nearly seven years since the first generation of Xiaomi Bracelet came out. Since 2014, the sales volume of Xiaomi bracelets has exceeded 120 million, and the after-sales volume of six Xiaomi bracelets has also rapidly completed the global shipment of 1 million. Xiaomi Bracelet makes the intelligent wearable device gradually become the popular demand product from the minority geek Coldplay device. With the popularity of wearable devices, Xiaomi Bracelet plays an important role in it. Xiaomi has set the goal of building “national Bracelet” when making a generation of bracelet, and each generation of Xiaomi Bracelet brings us closer and closer to the original goal.

满屏都是硬实力 小米手环6全球出货量突破100万只

Xiaomi Bracelet 6 is equipped with a 1.56 inch retina level runway full screen, with a wealth of personalized dials, IP dials, custom dials and color wristbands. Support oxygen saturation detection, 30 kinds of sports mode, cross brand full compatibility and other functional features, is a suitable for everyone’s sports health assistant. The standard version of Xiaomi Bracelet 6 costs 229 yuan, while the NFC version costs 279 yuan. In addition, Xiaomi Bracelet 6 color wristband has been put on the shelves, Xiaomi generation, price 19.9 yuan.

满屏都是硬实力 小米手环6全球出货量突破100万只

Full screen of 1.56 inch runway, clear display at retina level

Xiaomi bracelet has been using the highly praised “rice grain” design, with complete functions and light and convenient use experience. Xiaomi Bracelet 6 follows the classic, and the process is upgraded. For the first time, it adopts the special-shaped cutting technology on the bracelet, and is equipped with a 1.56 inch AMOLED runway full screen. The display area increases by 50%, and the 326 PPI reaches the retina level. The display effect is clear and delicate, and supports dynamic color display.

The new runway screen carries more comprehensive information. The default dial can directly display the date and time, weather, heart rate, steps, vitality index, heat consumption, electricity and other information. You can understand the key information by lifting your wrist. Setting interface can display two functions at the same time, double the efficiency of user interaction. The runway screen design cancels the original physical touch button, introduces a new gesture operation, and can easily slide to control the bracelet efficiently.

满屏都是硬实力 小米手环6全球出货量突破100万只

More powerful custom dial, new IP / strap to show personality

Xiaomi Bracelet 6 supports three custom dial styles by default, and supports up to six custom modules. Users can monitor specific data according to their own needs. In the dial mall, users can choose more styles, change the text color and background photo, synchronize to the bracelet, and unlock more fun ways to play.

Author: Shen Pei



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