Chaozhou game market continues to grow, top toy launches its own IP, accelerating the rise of Guochao

With the growth of Z generation consumer groups, Chaowan is moving from niche to the public. More and more new brands are entering the Chaowan market, trying to explore new opportunities. In a crowd of players, the tide play black horse top toy has a rapid momentum, becoming the current breaker of China’s tide play market.

Top toy held the 2021 brand strategy and new product launch of “restructuring and linking” in Shanghai on April 28, and released the original fashion play IP products: twinkle, yoyo and Tammy for the first time.

Original IP launch, perfect top toy fashion play matrix

Jing Chao, creative director of top toy, said that the newly released IP not only has a cute and popular image among young people, but also has three-dimensional and rich characters and background stories, representing the life interest and attitude of the young generation.

潮玩市场持续壮大,TOP TOY首发自有IP加速国潮崛起

(top toy creative director Jing Chao releases original IP products)

According to Inoue Chao, twinkle is the first member of the top toy family, which combines the characteristics of characters and retro arcade toys with cool and wild sharp character“ Arcade, as a symbol of the times, is the common memory of the young generation and a powerful link between different players.

In addition, Tammy is set as a sunny, lovely and life loving girl in the top toy family. She pays attention to every lucky moment in her life. She will show different style changes at home and out. If twinkle represents the collective memory of an era, Tammy is more representative of the real life of contemporary young people. The other IP yoyo is a ghost horse, innocent and carefree little girl. Its design inspiration comes from an artist’s sincere feelings for her daughter. The various shapes of YOYO are the happy moments she experiences in her life. Through yoyo, players’ pursuit of happiness and innocence can also be satisfied.

The three newly released original IP design concepts show top toy’s accurate insight and deep understanding of the current youth culture, and also convey top toy’s expectation of forming spiritual connection between trendy play and players. The release of its own IP improves the current top toy’s Chaozhou game IP matrix, improves the brand competitiveness to a certain extent, and becomes an important step for top toy to further explore the Chaozhou game market. But on the whole, outsourcing and cooperative IP will still be the mainstream of top toy products, and the proportion of brand outsourcing and original products is about 7:3.

Mining Chinese elements, creating and upgrading Guochao IP

As China’s leading fashion play brand, top toy has been committed to creating and cultivating excellent “Guochao” IP, and the new product launch also announced “Yo Yo” for the first time × Mei Lanfang’s co branded fashion play image is the first step of overseas fashion.

Sun Yuanwen, founder and CEO of top toy, said that China has rich cultural deposits. Top toy hopes to integrate Chinese traditional culture into the world culture by taking Chaowan as the carrier, so that the world can feel the charm of Chinese culture, and Chinese consumers can get in touch with the global trend culture more quickly and more conveniently, so as to enhance the aesthetic appreciation of the whole people, Enhance the spiritual richness and sensibility of this generation of young people, and truly enrich the spiritual world of this generation and the next generation.

潮玩市场持续壮大,TOP TOY首发自有IP加速国潮崛起

(Sun Yuanwen, founder and CEO of top toy, releases new brand strategy)

In terms of the creation of Guochao IP, top toy hopes to explore the true sense of “Guochao” through the original IP, and does not deliberately cater to the current fashionable beauty economy. The products hatched in the future will even surpass the concept of “Guochao” and directly resonate with consumers in product details and spiritual core to form emotional links.

TT universe starts to accumulate brand culture foundation

At present, top toy has signed nearly 200 independent designers, including Yokoyama Hiroshi, Japan’s top model archetype, focusing on IP original R & D and cooperation. Through a strong designer team, top toy will integrate trend content, introduce global trend culture, and promote Chinese consumers to link with more trendy play products and culture.

The original trendy play IP such as twinkle, Tammy and yoyo released at the new product launch are the first members of TT universe, symbolizing the beginning of TT universe. After that, top toy will continue to enrich the unique TT universe to meet the emotional needs of the users, deepen the emotional connection between top toy and consumers, and create a hot brand.

According to Jingchao, the construction of TT universe is compatible with the needs of consumers and creates a real world for consumers. At the same time, it will also provide free creative space for artists and designers of different styles with the greatest inclusiveness, and precipitate the long-term brand art of top toy.



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