It’s enough to install DIY in the middle of the year and upgrade the computer

In May, with the end of the “long vacation”, I believe that my friends have gradually returned to study or work. According to the annual practice, the more recent years, the more demand for my friends to install the machine, the more prosperous. Now I have prepared two sets of complete machine list, hoping to help my friends who are willing to install the machine in the near future~

Creation & amp; All around player

It is said that now is the era of national creation, this set of complete machine is very suitable for individual creators who have daily game habits – the platform chooses Intel 11 generation core i5-11600kf with Gigabyte snow carving b560 maursproax. If you know DIY hardware circle, you should know that 11th generation core is actually a big upgrade since 6th generation core. The new kernel architecture upgrade has greatly improved the IPC of 11th generation core processor, and the 20 channel pcie4.0 can bring better scalability.

Returning to the practical choice, the core i5-11600kf with 6 cores and 12 threads can be competent for both creation and game tasks. For game players, the single core frequency of up to 4.9ghz can easily cope with the challenge of high load applications. For creative users, up to 12 threads can also provide good performance output for productivity software.

In the configuration of the whole machine, the main board is often ignored. In fact, a good main board is the guarantee of the stability and expansibility of the whole machine. The whole machine is selected by Jijia snow carving b560 maursproax, which adopts 12 + 1 phase digital power supply. Good power supply specifications can provide sufficient power support for the i5-11600kf which has unlocked the overclocking. In addition, two sets of m.2ssd slots (one set of pci-e4.0x4, one set of pci-e3.0x4) and six sata3.0 interfaces are enough to connect multiple super large capacity hard disks for loading games and storing video materials.

Computer motherboards are generally used for a long time. Gigabyte snow carving b560 maursproax is also compatible with cutting-edge technologies that will be popularized rapidly in the future: ① the motherboard has built-in wireless network card supporting wi-fi6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Compared with the popular 802.11ac, wi-fi6 has higher bandwidth, larger network capacity and higher network efficiency, and its speed is up to 2.4gbps; ② In terms of wired network, the motherboard integrates 2.5Gbps gigabit network card, which means that users do not need to upgrade the wired network card even if they upgrade the 2000mb broadband in the future. No matter the data access of online game or studio LAN, the built-in network card hardware of Jijia snow carving b560 maursproax can guarantee no delay.

In addition, four non-eccddr4 memory slots supporting dual channels, memory anti-interference mask, large full coverage heat sink, nvmepci-e4.0 heat dissipation armor and other practical equipment are easily ignored by players. Gigabyte snow carving b560maursproax motherboard is available, perfectly meeting the working condition requirements of entry-level game / small studio.

Independent graphics card is the soul of the game / productivity machine, while Giga magic Eagle rtx3060gamingoc can meet these two requirements at the same time. It has built-in ga106-400 core based on ampere architecture, the second generation optical tracking core and the third generation tensor core, which greatly improves the performance of rtx3060 compared with the previous generation. For gamers, stronger light pursuit performance and machine learning performance mean more realistic, smoother and clearer game images. For creators, NVIDIA studio platform provides mainstream productivity software acceleration involving pictures, videos, graphics, game creation, interior design and other industries, providing sufficient creative power for small studios. It is worth mentioning that Jijia magic Eagle rtx3060gamingoc has 12gb video memory, which will play a great role in large capacity video rendering, which is very helpful to improve the creative efficiency.

In terms of storage combination, the whole machine chooses aorusgen47000s1tb and aorusddr4333mhz 8GB * 2 which are better adapted to Gigabyte motherboard. Aorusgen47000s1tb provides complete gen4 performance. The 1TB version has a sequential read speed of 7000mb / s and a sequential write speed of 5500mb / s. In order to cope with the heat dissipation pressure brought by high speed, it is also equipped with a 7mm high aluminum radiator with nano carbon coating as standard. The light and thin radiator will not affect the access of graphics card, but can provide a longer rapid running time for SSD.

Also based on the memory compatibility of the 11th generation core i5-11600kf and Gigabyte snow carving b560maursproax motherboard, the memory selection is aorusd dr43200mhz 8GB * 2 package. Gigabyte aorus has been carefully designed to give consideration to performance and add fashion color to the whole machine. The shell with RGB lamp beads can be synchronized with other Gigabyte hardware by Gigabyte rgbfusion to make the whole machine more beautiful.

Jijia Zhansheng ii750gm is selected as the power supply of the whole machine. This power supply, which has passed the 80plus gold medal performance certification, has 90% performance under 50% load. It also adopts a full modular design to facilitate the back wiring when the whole machine is installed. The materials of Jijia Zhansheng ii750gm are also exquisite. The use of all Japanese capacitors ensures the high quality and stability of the power supply. The 12 cm hydraulic bearing fan with intelligent dispatching ensures that the power supply can output strong air volume under high load, and can also operate with low noise under low load, providing a stable and quiet environment for game players and creators.

Game geek

If you are a game geek and are willing to upgrade the whole machine configuration in order to get a better game picture, you can upgrade the above entry-level game level machine to this game geek level machine.

For the geek level game machine, CPU and graphics card are the primary upgrade targets. This machine selects Intel’s 11th generation core i9-11900k, which is a model with outstanding game performance. Compared with the same generation of “little brother” core i5-11600k, the “big brother” core i9-11900k is also built based on rocketlake-s. Compared with skylake, the IPC of the new architecture has increased by as much as 19%. The flagship i9-11900k of the new architecture has 8 cores and 16 threads. The single core frequency can soar to 5.3GHz, and the full core frequency can be maintained at an amazing level of 4.8ghz. It can be said that it is specially designed for games.

In order to adapt to the powerful i9-11900k, the motherboard also needs to keep up. Gigabyte z590aurusproax is an ideal model. It uses 12 + 1 phase direct out digital power supply, and each drmos can provide up to 90a current support. The powerful power supply specification ensures the stability of CPU under high load and high frequency conditions.

In addition, Gigabyte z590 Mini carving Pro also has strong scalability. It is equipped with three pci-e4.0m, 2ssd slots and one pci-e3.0m, 2ssd slot. These four high-speed m.2 slots are enough to meet the storage needs of the vast majority of game players. The second generation m.2ssd cooling device with huge coverage provides a good cooling environment for storage hardware.

Network delay is the villain that hinders high-end E-sports players from playing. Gigabyte z590 Mini carving Pro is equipped with wi-fi6, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless network card and 2.5Gbps integrated cable network card. With the help of abundant bandwidth, the network hardware on the motherboard can help players release their game skills.

In view of the super platform built by i9-11900k and Gigabyte z590 Mini carving pro, the choice of graphics card is more flexible. Gigabyte rtx3070aorus master super carving supporting pci-e4.0 is a high-end game graphics card specially designed for super game players.

The card has built-in ga104 core based on NVIDIA ampere architecture. Compared with rtx3060, Gigabyte z590 Xiaodiao Pro has more traditional computing units, light tracing core units and tensor computing units, which means that on the basis of rtx3060, using rtx3070 graphics card can get smoother, more realistic light and shadow, and more smooth and fine super sampling game picture. In fact, Gigabyte z590aorusproax is able to run most 3A masterpieces at the speed of 60fps at 4K resolution. This powerful game performance is enough to help game geeks enjoy the game Masterpieces for many years to come.

In addition to the powerful “three pieces”, the whole machine also includes aorusgen 47000s1tb hard disk and aorusd dr43733mhz 8GB * 2 memory package. The large capacity and high-speed hard disk can effectively ensure that the whole machine has enough capacity and fast response when running large games or software, while the high-speed memory can bring players a smoother game picture. 80plus Gold Certified power supply with rated power up to 750W jindiao ap750 ensures the stable operation of the whole machine. In order to make the performance giant core i9-11900k release performance better, the water carving pro360 water-cooled radiator is selected for the radiator. The radiator can not only quickly remove heat for the performance giant with TDP greater than 250W, but also bring many unique playing methods for the players with the unique full-color LCD on the water-cooled head, which is just in line with the extreme character of the game geek.

Above, whether you are a content creator or a gamer, if you have plans to install in the near future, I hope these two sets of configuration sheets can help you~



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