Expanding to 14mm and supporting auto focus, Canon RF bayonet axis shifting lens will be released next year

According to Canon rumors, in October 2020, Canon plans to release two RF bayonet axis shifting lenses in 2021, the specifications of which are ts-r 14mm f / 4L and ts-r 24mm f / 3.5L. Recently, the website received a message confirming once again that the axis shift of the two RF bayonets is still in the release of the lens route, and it is equipped with the first auto focus function on the axis shift mirror, but the launch date has been delayed. It is estimated that it will not meet you until the first half of 2022 at the earliest.

扩展到14mm并支持自动对焦 佳能RF卡口移轴镜头明年发布

TS-E 17mm f4l of SLR EF bayonet is Canon’s shortest focal length axis shifting lens at present

At present, Canon has a total of 5 axis shifting lenses with focal length ranging from 17mm to 135mm. All of them use EF bayonets and only support manual focusing. The new axis shifting lens not only extends the widest focal length from 17mm to 14mm, but also realizes the auto focusing function for the first time in the history of axis shifting lens. The new news also points out that the new axis shifting lens can meet the requirements of high pixel cameras, suggesting that the analytical power of the new lens may also be improved accordingly.

In short, in order to work normally, the autofocus sensing system of SLR camera must meet certain conditions, for example, the focal plane must be fixed and have enough luminosity. However, when the axis shifting lens is in the translation state, the imaging brightness may be insufficient (or uneven), and when the lens is in the tilt state, the focal plane may not overlap with the focus detection point, both of which may cause the autofocus to deviate or fail. Therefore, the safest way is to leave the user to focus by himself. However, when it comes to the micro single camera, all the pixels on the photosensitive element have the auto focus detection function, and the photosensitive ability is also greatly increased. Even if the lens has only f / 11 aperture, it can auto focus, so it is not difficult for the axis shifting lens to have the auto focus function.



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