Last night this morning: water drop company officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange

May 8, 2021 driving China last night and this morning

昨夜今晨:水滴公司正式登陆纽交所 京东否认显卡售后存在金融式操作

Jingdong denies “financial operation” in after sales of graphics card

According to, Jingdong said that there was no such situation in view of the phenomenon of financialization of graphics cards previously reported by the media, and reserved the right to investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor makers.

Recently, affected by the global core shortage, mining fever and other factors, the price of graphics card has gone up rapidly, and the after-sales maintenance problems of JD graphics card have gradually increased. According to an informant, “after sales of graphics cards can not be solved or there is no direct refund. That’s because Jingdong’s graphics card maintenance department has made financial innovation.”. Specifically, a user applied to replace or repair the graphics card. After returning to the factory for repair, Jingdong’s after-sales department sold the repaired graphics card at a high price. Later, it was told that the consumer’s graphics card was out of stock or could not be repaired, so that the consumer could choose to refund at a low price according to the original purchase amount.

Shuidi company officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Shuidi company was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange early this morning. The IPO broke on the first day, with the share price at $10.25. The IPO price was $12 per ads, reported; By the end of the day, the company’s share price was $9.70, down 19.17%, with a market value of $3.8 billion.

Shuidi company issued 30 million ads shares this time, and the underwriter has the over allotment right of about 4.5 million ads shares. If the rights are exercised, about $400 million will be raised.

The purpose of the IPO fund raised by shuidi company is to strengthen and expand health services and health insurance business, research and development. The founder of the company is Shen Peng, who used to be the No. 10 employee of meituan and the national head of meituan takeout.

The cornerstone investors of shuidi company include Wang Huiwen, Boyu capital and Magnolia capital, with a total subscription of US $210 million. Among them, Wang Huiwen subscribed US $30 million through the family trust fund Kevin sunny, Boyu capital subscribed US $100 million, and Hopu capital subscribed US $80 million.

Boyu capital is the leading investment institution of round C financing of shuidi company. It has invested in Weilai automobile, Xiaomi, Shangtang technology and other companies. Wang Huiwen is Shen Peng’s superior in meituan. He led Shen Peng and others to create meituan takeout.

Didi’s response to the question of high pumping rate

On the evening of May 7, Didi issued a statement in response to the issue of “excessive tax rate”, reported. In 2020, Didi’s car Hailing driver’s income will account for 79.1% of the total amount of passengers. Of the remaining 20.9%, 10.9% was for passenger subsidies, 6.9% was for enterprise operating costs (technology research and development, server, security, customer service, human resources, offline operation, etc.) and tax payment and handling charges, and 3.1% was for net profit of online car Hailing business.

Huawei Hongmeng OS is expected to be launched on a large scale next month

Fast technology reports that Huawei Hongmeng is expected to launch on a large scale next month. HUAWEI tiktok also followed up the topic for the first time, saying: “Hello, hung Meng OS, looking forward to your coming.”

At present, many netizens have applied for the beta version of Hongmeng OS 2.0 developer in advance. Some bloggers found that after emui upgraded Huawei Hongmeng system, the memory and storage space of mobile phone became more and more.

According to the actual measurement of @ Chang’an digital Jun, after upgrading the Huawei harmony OS Hongmeng system, the running memory and file storage space of Huawei mobile phone are more than half a GB, and the storage space is more than six GB.

This also shows from the side that Hongmeng system is better in fragmentation, takes up less space, and is more friendly to the upgrade of small memory mobile phones. In theory, fluency will be better.

CCTV officially launched 8K Ultra HD TV channel in December this year

According to fast technology report, the construction of public service platform for 8K ultra high definition TV of China Central Radio and Television Corporation was launched in Beijing on May 7, and 8K program report will be carried out in June. At the event, Shen Haixiong, director and editor in chief of CCTV, said that from June this year, CCTV will use 8K UHD technology to make and broadcast reports on major events.

In addition, CCTV is working closely with BOCOG to make solid preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and strive to achieve the goal of “science and technology Winter Olympics · 8K Olympic Games”.

According to CCTV, in the past two years, with the launch of cctv-4k channel and 8K experimental channel of China Central Radio and television station, China is making a leap forward in the field of ultra high definition video.

In February this year, China Central Radio and television successfully carried out the broadcasting experiment of 8K ultra high definition TV channel, and the world’s first live broadcast of 8K ultra high definition TV will be realized in the 2021 Spring Festival Gala. In April, the “technical requirements for video and audio of 8K ultra high definition large screen system” jointly formulated by China National Radio and 21 enterprises and institutions was successfully released.

In the middle of June, 8K ultra high definition screens will be gradually opened all over the country. In December, the main station will officially launch the 8K UHD TV channel.



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