9 to catch up with the new! The 9th anniversary of climbing computer

From May 10 to 12, climbing DIY computer flagship store opened its 9th anniversary celebration activities, in which a large number of hot models participated. There were also limited time and second kill, cash red envelope on the hour, interest free purchase benefits for the whole host up to phase 6. Players who intend to buy new computers in the near future can’t miss it.


This time, we especially recommend four masterpieces for game lovers, including core i510400f / gtx1050ti, climbing spirit i510400f / 11400f / gtx1650 / 1660s, climbing spirit S50 generation i510400f / gtx1650 / 16g, climbing spirit h5i710700 / 10700k / rtx3070. Their prices range from more than 3000 yuan to more than 10000 yuan, Players can choose on demand, enjoy the wonderful game!

Core i5 10400f / gtx1050ti game console

9th Anniversary promotion information: 200 yuan cash can be reduced for every 3699 yuan, interest free for three periods


The core i5 10400f / gtx1050ti game console is an affordable model, which can be owned for more than 3000 yuan. This host (configuration 1) is equipped with the 10th generation core i5-10400f processor, which is the new generation star of thousand yuan processor. It is equipped with dual heat pipe silent radiator, which can stably play the powerful performance of this 6-core 12 thread processor. Regardless of the game or daily office, this processor can meet the needs of millions of families today.

This host (configuration 1) is equipped with geforce GTX 1050ti, whose core code is gp107 and has 768 stream processors. Although this graphics card has been on the market for some years, it is still the main model of NVIDIA 1000 yuan graphics card with good performance price ratio. It’s no surprise to play some popular electronic games such as League of heroes and watch pioneer.

Climbing battle spirit i5 10400f / 11400f / gtx1650 / 1660s game console

Information of 9th Anniversary promotion: over 5000 yuan minus 2800 yuan


Climbing battle soul i5 10400f / 11400f / gtx1650 / 1660s game console (configuration 1) is also equipped with the 10th generation i5-10400f processor, 6-core 12 thread design, and the Rui frequency is up to 4.3ghz. Compared with the 9th generation i5-9400f, the performance is significantly improved, which has very good performance. At the same time, this machine also uses a high-quality custom CPU fan, with four heat pipe design, strong heat dissipation, quiet effect is also quite good, to help you ease the game.

This host (configuration 1) is also equipped with gtx1650, which is an entry-level game graphics card based on Turing architecture. It adopts 12NM process, has 896 stream processors and 4GB video memory. With the upgrade brought by Turing architecture, its performance is significantly improved compared with the previous GTX 1050. It can be said that it is a choice with the advantages of cost performance and low power consumption.

Climbing the battlefield S50 10th generation i5 10400f / gtx1650 / 16g game console

9th Anniversary promotion information: over 3000 yuan minus 1100 yuan, three interest free


Climbing battle scene S5 is a game console with white coating, fast shadow plus Pearl White chassis, the overall visual sense is simple and generous, and the appearance edges and corners with blue lines, and add a bit of personality. The left side chassis cover is equipped with a large area of side transparent glass, so that you can have a panoramic view of the configuration details in the host.

This game console (configuration 1) is also equipped with the 10th generation i5-10400f processor with 6 cores and 12 threads. It takes into account good game performance and daily application performance. It is the sales leader of thousand yuan processor in 2020. More high-quality CPU fan escort, can bring players a quiet and comfortable game environment.

This game console (configuration 1) is also equipped with gtx1650 graphics card, which can cope with the hot electronic competitions such as “watch vanguard”, “Fortress night”, “dota2”, “League of heroes”, “survival of the Jedi” and so on.

Climbing battle soul H5 i7 10700 / 10700k / rtx3070 game console

9th Anniversary promotion information: over 5000 yuan minus 2500 yuan, 6 interest free


Climbing battle soul h5i7 10700 / 10700k / rtx3070 is a 10000 yuan game console with very powerful game performance. This game console (configuration 1) is equipped with core i7-10700 processor, which adopts 8-core, 16 thread design, with 16MB three-level cache. In essence, the processor has similar specifications to Intel’s core i9. The ninth generation i9 is sold as the tenth generation i7, and the more affordable price has won a large number of players.

The graphics card of this game console (configuration 1) is very powerful. It is directly matched with the new generation rtx3070, which is based on ga104-300 display core. It has 5888 CUDA cores and carries 256bit wide and 8GB gddr6 memory. According to our previous performance measurement of bubble net, rtx3070 graphics card has the performance that surpasses the previous generation of cahuang rtx2080ti, and has strong strength. It can be called the high cost performance star of the new generation of ampere architecture graphics card.

Climbing computer provides paid upgrade scheme to help you build your ideal computer

For the players who pursue higher performance, ipason PC also provides a series of affordable paid upgrade schemes for their game console, such as monitor, motherboard, chassis, hard disk, radiator, power supply, keyboard and mouse, etc. Need players can directly contact customer service, make your game console more powerful.

Author: Zhang Fan



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