Gpu-z 2.39.0 release: new professional mining graphics card supporting NV



Gpu-z 2.39.0 is newly released, which can be downloaded by players.

GPU-Z 2.39.0发布:支持NV全新的专业挖矿显卡

There are many new graphics cards supported this time, including gen12 Xe LP core graphics card in Intel’s 11th generation “rocket Lake” processor and Rx 6900 XT based on Navi 21 xtxh display core. NVIDIA RTX 3060 mobile, RTX 3050 Ti mobile, RTX 3050 mobile, RTX a5000, t500, amd radon Pro w5500m and Barco mxrt 4700 are also added.

NV’s new professional mining graphics cards are also supported, including CMP 30hx, CMP 40hx and CMP 90hx.

Author: Zhang Fan



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