Lin Yilun’s studio is only 3 minutes empty. What’s the good about it?

Recently, a soda water fire was recommended in Lin Yilun’s studio. Just three minutes after it was put on the shelves, thousands of pieces were empty. In addition, it is also known as “Cretaceous volcanic water and 20000 year old natural soda water”

Water really plays a decisive role in people’s health. Water quality determines the quality of blood, and the quality of blood determines the quality of life. Regular drinking of high-quality water can effectively promote blood circulation, make the body cells constantly updated, let people full of vitality, it can be said that “good water nourishes people”. So what’s so good about such a precious bottle of shudayuan natural soda?

Good water thinking “source”

Shudayuan is volcanic water from the Cretaceous period, with a water age of 20000 years. It is truly natural sodium bicarbonate and natural soda water without any additives. Shudayuan water source is located in Kedong County, Heilongjiang Province, which has the reputation of “hometown of natural soda water”. Erkeshan volcano, the Jianshan fault zone of Wudalianchi Keluo volcano, has been awarded the product of geographical indication protection by AQSIQ.

Shudayuan natural soda water is extracted from the volcanic rocks 300 meters underground at the foot of Erke mountain. After 80 million years of percolation, it can reach the sweet taste of shudayuan today. Different from many sodas on the market, shudayuan natural soda water is internationally recognized as natural weak alkaline water, rich in sodium, bicarbonate and rare minerals. Only natural water can create real healthy water.

Small molecule, accelerate metabolism

Due to the characteristics of natural small molecular group active water, shudayuan has strong permeability and strong carrying capacity. Through the infiltration of cells, small molecular mass water can smoothly enter human cells, stimulate cell activity, transport nutrients for the body, so as to accelerate human metabolism. It can effectively prevent metabolic disorder while metabolizing toxic substance sediment.

Alkaline soda neutralizes acidic substances in human body

The common diseases in daily life, such as stomach acid, dyspepsia and gout, are caused by the imbalance of acid substances in the body, while shudayuan natural soda water is weakly alkaline with pH value of 8.0( ± 5), can help the human body to create a healthy alkaline body fluid environment, neutralize acid and alkali, effectively relieve gastric acid, lactic acid, accelerate purine metabolism, neutralize uric acid, etc. In addition, shudayuan natural soda water can also enhance the activity of human enzymes. For business people who need to socialize for a long time, it can accelerate the metabolic rate of alcohol and protect the liver from alcohol damage.

Water in the human body, not only can play the role of material transmission and media in the body, but also can directly participate in the structure of biological macromolecules, and jointly complete the metabolism of material, energy and information in the human body. At present, in the world, weak alkaline natural soda water ranks first in the list of healthy water. It can quickly supplement cell water, strengthen absorption and metabolism, and improve physique. No matter from the ecology of shudayuan water source or its water quality characteristics, shudayuan natural soda water can be said to be the real “healthy water”.



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