What do netizens think about the substantial reduction of wechat payment fees?

Pay attention to the focus of the two sessions and benefit the people and the students. Recently, a series of discussions have been launched on the handling charges of the third-party payment platform.


Third party mobile payment area, such as Alipay, WeChat, cash register system, occupy a certain share advantage. For example, how does wechat pay transaction fees?

Business users: according to the rate of 0.6%, for example, if the user pays 100 yuan online, the platform will draw 0.6 yuan;

Individual user: the service charge rate of withdrawal is 0.1%. For example, if the user withdraws 100 yuan, the platform will charge 0.1 yuan;

In short, the wool comes from sheep, which involves consumer transactions. The larger the amount of money, the more the platform charges.

Corresponding proposal: “wechat payment takes advantage of its advantageous market position to charge merchants in most industries 6% of the service charge and users 1% of the withdrawal service charge, which violates the principles of integrity and fairness, and does not conform to the market operation law of fair competition, and damages the legitimate interests of operators and users of wechat payment service.” Netizen says: “this must support.”

Standardize the unreasonable charging behavior of the platform, and greatly reduce the service charge of wechat payment. Do you think it’s feasible? 【TOM】



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