Snacks, the next growth pole for e-commerce

Food that appeals to the public is accelerating its chemical reaction with e-commerce. On May 13, JD exported a new round of preferential policies to retailers. Just a week ago, Ali sent the same signal. In the past two years, the e-commerce platform has grown a number of new products that are well versed in consumers’ demands, including new taste products developed by mature brands, as well as newly emerging online brands. Snacks attract the attention of e-commerce by virtue of high-frequency purchase rate and the purchasing power of young customers that can not be ignored. E-commerce also enjoys the traffic dividend generated by the online red snack brand, and even competes for new customers and exports the supply chain.

Food sales go against the trend

E-commerce values snacks as much as fresh food. Jingdong supermarket is throwing out all kinds of good news to attract mature enterprises or brands such as Jinlongyu, terensu and Beijing daoxiangcun to launch new products in Jingdong, and also to attract online brands such as wangsatin to take root in Jingdong. Just a week ago, Ali just released the signal that no matter how small the snack brand is, it can have a big market in tmall.

Liu Lizhen, vice president of Jingdong group, said that in the face of new consumption demand and industry development, Jingdong will expand the brand new brand setting, and one person food, Kwai Chi dishes and main health foods become the focus of Jingdong. Jingdong’s new product plan is to realize new instant products. ” To this end, Jingdong has opened many channels in the system to brand merchants, such as supermarkets, Jingdong supermarkets and channels outside the main station of Jingdong.

The persistence of new retail products really makes e-commerce have a good report card. It is understood that Jingdong and wufangzhai’s customized new product “wufangqingli zongzi gift box” sold more than 100000 boxes in last year’s Dragon Boat Festival, and the sales of single product exceeded 10000 boxes in the first two hours of “6.18”, making zongzi with a unit price of more than 200 yuan a popular product in the eyes of many young people. In addition, in Jingdong main station, wechat, Qixian supermarket and other channels, Helu Snow’s exclusive online Xinxue cup has become the favorite of generation Z consumers, with a daily sales volume of 32000 cups.

In Alibaba and tmall, there are new brands that are less than a year old but have certain market awareness. According to the food consumption data released by tmall, the sales of 0-sugar drinks, functional snacks, low tide drinks, meal substitute milkshakes, boutique coffee, semi-finished dishes and other trend goods increased by as much as 500% year on year.

In fact, the fact that e-commerce plunges into the field of snacks and many snack brands suddenly break into the vision of consumers is closely related to the FMCG market environment in the past two years“ In the past year, most of the growth in consumption actually came from online consumption. During this period, the growth rate of food categories in online sales channels exceeded the overall FMCG market. ” Cindy Yang, vice president of China e-commerce research at Nielsen IQ, said.

According to the data provided by Nielsen, from April 2020 to March 2021, the overall sales of FMCG increased by 21.5% year-on-year on line, with a negative growth of 2.6% offline. In addition, the online sales of food increased by 28.2% year-on-year, among which dairy products, beverages and snacks increased by 59.2%, 39.7% and 7.3% year-on-year respectively.

Grab new market with snacks

“New product” has become a hot spot for consumers to connect with quality life, and it has become the preference of the younger generation of consumers to play new and catch up with new. In particular, online Red snacks, which have good looks and meet the psychological demands, make consumers obsessed. The high gross profit of snack products is also an important reason for e-commerce to support resources.

Zhao Zhenying, an e-commerce expert, believes that with the improvement of consumers’ living standards, eating is not just for satiety, which has triggered the rapid growth of the snack business. Because of the high frequency of purchase, young customers and high gross profit rate, snacks have become the target of e-commerce platform and the focus of e-commerce platform in digging customer value.

Zhao Zhenying stressed that for retail brands, it is necessary to focus on giving products a certain cultural connotation, which requires the e-commerce platform to have more accurate algorithms to match the corresponding user groups.

In fact, “home economy” and “fast economy” reshape the consumption scene and promote the innovative development of new food products in the direction of simple, fast and delicious experience. Kwai Chi dishes, milk, coffee, low alcohol, compound seasoning, enzyme / dietary fiber snacks, plant meat and other emerging categories from food category.

Major enterprises and brands have always been sensitive to consumer demand, looking for innovative entry points and speeding up the pace of pushing new products. Therefore, the large food industry with a scale of more than one trillion has also ushered in a new outbreak period of scale growth, with new trends, new brands and new products emerging one after another. But at the same time, many brands also encounter some problems, such as the short life cycle of new products, the increasing iterative demand, and the lack of sustained brand growth.

Obviously, the weakness of snacks is offset by consumers’ high-frequency demands“ For the whole business strategy competition and business system, with the increase of “lazy people” in China’s “post-95’s and post-90’s”, there is more potential for snack related market. ” Tang Xingtong, a digital transformation consultant and marketing strategy expert, stressed that as long as consumers and service platforms can accept it within a reasonable range, the increase of customer unit price is feasible.

An adaptation has just begun

In the environment of rapid development and iteration, mature brands need to be younger, and young brands need to be mature. The big data in the hands of e-commerce can just meet part of the demands of brands.

Mu Yankui, President of Yihai Jiali golden dragon fish grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd., said that commodity production and R & D should have personalized elements, and different people have different requirements for food. Therefore, the market has a huge demand, which provides a huge space for the food industry. The differentiation of demand promotes the transformation of food enterprises and seeks the new growth of e-commerce and even more channels.

“Jane Eyre’s penetration rate and popularity are still relatively low. She achieved 200% to 300% growth in Jingdong last year and will maintain this speed this year.” Xia Haitong, the founder of Jane Eyre, has great trust in the power of e-commerce, and even shows strong demands for relying on e-commerce to expand its product influence. He analyzed that the current environment has a strong Internet attribute, and the big data output of e-commerce enables Jane Eyre to quickly find accurate users, which is easier than obtaining consumer feedback from the offline market.

Wang satin, who already has a group of loyal users in e-commerce channels, is naturally dependent on e-commerce. Yao Jing, founder of Wang satin, said frankly that e-commerce has obtained more accurate and timely product feedback than offline, “the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and they should be faster and more accurate in guiding consumption and new product research and development. For enterprises, more accurate market demands are still a blue ocean market that has not been fully competitive.”

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Tianyuan

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