Win10 push the latest system upgrade! Let’s see what’s updated

[pconline information] according to the Convention, Microsoft has the system upgrade patch management to release on Tuesday! According to windows latest, Microsoft has pushed the latest system patches to all supported versions, including win10 20h2 and win10 2004. Note that this patch is not the upcoming win10 21h1. The main purpose of this patch is to improve the system quality and fix the vulnerability, and to solve the problem of high CPU utilization in multitasking.

This win10 system update has brought many security fixes, such as filling at least three 0day vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is recommended that the administrator update the patch immediately. In total, 55 vulnerabilities have been fixed after this update, including 4 high-risk vulnerabilities, and the rest are important or medium vulnerabilities.

In addition to these important system fixes, this update of win10 also brings a new “news and interest” taskbar control, which many users can experience, but the control does not provide services in all countries and regions.

If you want to install this win10 cumulative update, you can open the windows update page in the settings panel to check the update manually, and then download and install the relevant update patch. When installing updates and restarting the system, make sure that some additional driver upgrades are not checked to avoid unnecessary trouble.

According to the different versions of win10 installed on the device, the build version number of the system will also be different after the update patch is installed. For example, if you use win10 20h2, the version number will change to 19042.985; If win10 2004 is used, although the patch is the same, the version number will change to build 19041.985. The following is the specific version number:

Win10 1507:KB5003172 (Build 10240.18932)

Win10 1607:KB5003197 (Build 14393.4402)

Win10 1803:KB5003174 (Build 17134.2208)

Win10 1809:KB5003171 (Build 17763.1935)

Win10 1909:KB5003169 (Build 18363.1556)

Win10 2004 core 20h2: kb5003173 (build 19041.985 and 19042.985)

As mentioned above, the cumulative update of win10 will bring the “news and interest” taskbar widget, which allows users to directly access news, weather and other information through the desktop. In the near future, Microsoft will bring the win10 21h1 update. Although this is a large version update, in fact, the relevant update content has been installed into the system with the previous patch. Only when the win10 21h1 patch is pushed, the relevant functions can be enabled. Therefore, win10 21h1 will be a small patch for switch function, which can be updated in a few minutes. Let’s look forward to it together.



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