The mobile workstation with the initial price of 5999 is ready to go! HP vs. 99 third generation sharp Dragon

In recent years, the author found a trend: the demand for notebook computers is increasingly urgent. The so-called design group refers to those who are engaged in design, such as design students, architectural and household designers, industrial model designers, etc. According to public data, tens of millions of people are engaged in this industry in China, and there is still a growing trend.

In addition to using daily office software, these groups are more involved in heavy design software, such as PR and PS needed by video editors, Su and CAD used by landscape architects, etc. To deal with these high load software, a powerful notebook is essential. Just imagine, in video editing, due to the excessive use of special effects and transitions, the time for rendering and exporting videos has increased. After a night’s work, I finally found that there is a small detail that needs to be adjusted

Recently, I was the first to get the new HP war 99 third generation sharp dragon mobile workstation, which will be released soon. How does it respond to these design work? Let’s take a look. It should be noted that at present, the price of general workstations on the market is about 10000 yuan, and this HP battle 99 third generation sharp dragon mobile workstation will be launched in Jingdong on May 18, with the initial price of only 5999 yuan, which has already been popular just from the price point of view.

Eight core CPU with professional graphics card

This product is equipped with r75800h processor, zen3 architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, and the acceleration frequency can reach 4.4ghz. In the mobile end, the CPU with top-level configuration is expected to release its performance in HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation. But to be sure, it is precisely because of this “yes” CPU that HP’s mobile workstation price is good enough.

By testing the C4d rendering ability of the software cinebenchr23, its multi-core score is 11997 PTS, single core score is 1397 PTS. From the open database, the comprehensive score of r75800h is nearly 2000 points higher than that of i9-9880h with 8 cores and 16 threads.

In addition to CPU, HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation is also equipped with NVIDIA T600 graphics card based on Turing architecture. Users who are familiar with the previous generation of HP war 99 mobile workstation should be aware that it was equipped with NVIDIA quadrop620 at that time. The graphics card used in this HP war 99 mobile workstation has been improved in CUDA core, video memory, bandwidth, etc.

As mentioned above, when using professional software, high load is inevitable. So how does HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation perform under high load? We used professional software aida64 and Furmark for double baking test to see how they perform under high load.

After nearly 50 minutes of full load test, the CPU power consumption is maintained at 45W, and the GPU power consumption is maintained at 14W. At the same time, through the thermal meter detection, it is found that the heat dissipation effect is good, and the temperature of most keyboard areas is close to the room temperature.

Running test of professional software

Let’s start with the daily office test. Through the test of pcmark10, after simulating the application of photo editing, rendering, video editing and other work, HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation scored 5819 points, playing very well, and coping with daily office work and editing without pressure.

Lumion is an excellent 3D rendering software for architects and designers. It can render creative 3D models and help users create the best effect in the shortest time. This software has built-in basic testing function, which can detect whether the notebook can use the software smoothly. From the test results, HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation can use lumion smoothly.

Corona is a 3D rendering device often used by users in home decoration design, animation production and other industries. We have tested the HP war 99 mobile workstation through corona’s official corona benchmark program, and the actual results show that the rendering is completed in 1 minute 51 seconds, which is 15% higher than that of the previous generation HP war 99 (2 minutes 11 seconds).

Practical experience of designing software

So what’s the actual experience of HP vs. 99 mobile workstation? The author used two kinds of software to experience.

First of all, Adobe Premiere pro2020, which is the most commonly used in video editing industry, exports a 3-minute clip project file, and compares CUDA acceleration (NVIDIA T600) with CUDA acceleration (mercuryplayback engine software). It takes 43 seconds to turn on CUDA and 67 seconds to turn off CUDA. As you can see, with the blessing of NVIDIA T600 professional graphics card, the efficiency of image processing is improved significantly.

After that, I experienced SketchUp for landscape architecture and other design work. By opening the simple European landscape model (50m) to experience import, export, zoom, adjustment and other functions, HP war 99 mobile workstation has a smooth experience.

Practical and textured appearance

In terms of appearance design, HP Zhan 99 mobile workstation continues the design language of the previous generation, with a creative “Z” logo in the front design.

In terms of screen, HP war 99 design has a 15.6-inch IPS narrow frame large screen, which can get a better visual experience when watching pictures and editing videos.

In terms of interface, HP war 99 mobile workstation is designed with USB, HDMI, network port, SD card port, headset port and type-C interface. SD bayonet is highly praised, especially for the current photography more and more cases, the existence of a SD bayonet, can solve a lot of trouble.

It is worth mentioning that HP war 99 mobile workstation has also passed the mil-std810h (environmental test, reliability test, environmental stress) test, and has high resistance to a series of harsh environments such as vibration, humidity, drop, high altitude and low temperature. This is undoubtedly a very intimate design for designers who need to go to construction sites, factories and short-term work under special conditions.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

Overall, the upcoming HP war 99 is very competitive. R75800h standard voltage processor adopts 7Nm technology and zen3 architecture which is the same as AMD’s latest desktop processor, bringing higher performance. It is worth mentioning that the processor is also widely used in high-performance game books, which shows the strength of HP war 99 in computing processing. With the blessing of professional graphics card NVIDIA T600, this product also has good advantages in graphics processing, which is of great help to editing, 3D and other work. Good heat dissipation design greatly improves the comprehensive performance of this product compared with the previous generation. Double baking can be stabilized at about 60W level, which makes it easier to cope with heavy design work.

Good design appearance, large screen with narrow frame, full-size keyboard and rich interfaces can make designers get excellent experience in mobile office. It can be said that this product is a good choice for novice designers, college students majoring in design and users who need to use design software daily.

Author: Li Fei



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