As long as 39.9 yuan per month, you can use endless flow, really fragrant!

It is not so easy for the student party to use the Internet in schools.

Although all schools have the network now, it is not always available. The emergence of LAN limits the use of the network. If you want to learn skills by watching videos in station B, you have to watch the use time of the school network. It’s really tiring

When I was shopping with my friends, I came across a poster that “the device costs 0 yuan, and the traffic is endless.” it attracted me. After dinner, I studied the “portable Wi Fi” gadget.

Summary of my own research

[appearance + features]

*USB style: there is no battery need a conversion plug, there is a power network;

*Palm size: with batteries, but the battery life is only one day, can take out, easy to carry;

*Size of power bank: with the function of 1000 Ma power bank, it can be taken out of the house, and it is also portable Wi Fi.

There are two kinds of cards, plug-in card and no plug-in card.

[traffic cost]

*Card form

China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have all developed special IOT network cards for portable Wi Fi.

Recently, some manufacturers have launched portable Wi Fi that supports three network switching. They can choose their own network through small programs. It’s a bit powerful. I want to try it.

*Card free form

Read some evaluation articles to introduce the plug-in free card. One is to embed the card in the portable Wi Fi device.

The system automatically matches the appropriate network.

*Cost part

Because I’m interested in the traffic card that can switch the network, I took a look at the price of more than 500 per 12 months, 1500g per month. For individuals, it’s enough to have 20g a month, and 40g is enough for the whole dormitory.

Basically, the package of a single operator for a single month to a whole year is 30-700 yuan, and the optional traffic is 100g to 1500g.


Bare metal is basically between 100 and 300.

So, on the whole, if you choose a traffic card + device that can switch three networks, 700-800 yuan can be used for the whole year. If it’s a single operator’s traffic card + device + annual traffic 500-600, it’s OK for the student party. After all, the mobile phone package is more than 100 per month.


Back to the poster I saw when I went shopping, I saw it in Broadway next to the school. At that time, I saw that it was 39.9 per month and I could still spend it, so I started. Every month there are 100g of national traffic, more than 3G a day, which is enough.

Now it’s been used in the dormitory for 4 days. After talking to my roommates, we’ve got another A. It’s only 10 yuan a month for one person. There’s no problem with online classes, live broadcast, games, dramas, Internet surfing and so on【 PS coordinates [Guangzhou].

Finally, I hope awesome is able to give it some strength and use it well. I’ll come back to Amway again.




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