Google announces successful construction of commercial quantum computers by 2029



Google developers are confident of building a commercial quantum computer by 2029. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the plan at today’s I / O streaming conference, and in a blog post, Erik Lucero, chief engineer of quantum artificial intelligence, further outlined the company’s goal of “building a useful, error correcting quantum computer” within a decade.

Executives also revealed Google’s new campus in Santa Barbara, California, dedicated to quantum artificial intelligence. The park has Google’s first quantum data center, hardware research lab, and the company’s own quantum processor chip manufacturing facility.

The main benefits of quantum computing lie in processing power, scale and precision, enabling researchers to run complex calculations at incredible speeds. Experts predict that quantum computing will help drive breakthroughs in a number of industries, including healthcare, economics, encryption, artificial intelligence, sustainability and energy.

“As we look forward to the next 10 years, many of the biggest global challenges, from climate change to dealing with the next pandemic, require a new way of calculating,” he said. To make better batteries (to lighten the grid), or to make fertilizer to feed the world without producing 2% of global carbon emissions (just like nitrogen fixation today), or to make more targeted drugs (to stop using them), we need to better understand and design molecules before the next pandemic begins. This means simulating nature accurately. But classical computers can’t simulate molecules very well

Google is not alone in quantum computing: IBM will install its first commercial quantum computer at the Cleveland Clinic this year as part of a 10-year partnership to drive discovery in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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