Equipped with annual flagship core, redmi note10 series supports 8 games with high frame rate



Redmi note10 series has announced that it will be released at 14:00 on May 26, known as the perfect tenth generation of Little King Kong. Today, redmi officially said that the note10 series will be equipped with an annual flagship core, which adopts the flagship core structure and flagship process; Bring you flagship high frame rate, high quality game experience; Redmi deep joint debugging, perfect balance of performance and power consumption.

搭载年度旗舰芯,Redmi Note10系列支持8款游戏高帧率

Redmi note 10 series now supports 8 mainstream games in high frame rate mode. The measured mainstream mobile games have an average frame rate of about 90fps, and few frames are lost after long-term operation.

搭载年度旗舰芯,Redmi Note10系列支持8款游戏高帧率

Author: Chen Muliang



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