Amd rx6600xt real photo exposure: with 8g video memory

Recently, an actual picture of the suspected amd RX 6600 XT graphics card has been exposed on the Internet. It shows the part of the name plate on the back board of the card. The model of the card marked on the card is radon Navi 23 XT, with 8GB gddr6 video memory, and the video interface is one HDMI and three DPS.

AMD RX6600XT显卡实物照曝光:搭配8G显存

AMD’s new rx6600 Series graphics card, which will be built on Navi 23 display core, is expected to be launched in June.

The standard n card of rx6700xt in service is rtx3060ti, so it can be inferred that the standard of rx6600 series is rtx3060.

Author: Zhang Fan



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