The rtx3060 popular Lenovo r9000p is less than 9000 yuan

This year’s most popular model of the game, Lenovo Savior r9000p, currently has many in stock in third-party stores, and the price is not particularly expensive. The rtx3060 model in many stores is less than 9000 yuan, which is only more than 200 yuan higher than Lenovo’s official guidance price of 8799 yuan. I feel that the price is completely acceptable, and players are worth considering.

RTX3060人气机型 联想R9000P不到9千块钱

For PC game players, the current game is definitely the best choice. Desktop computers are not worth buying at present, because the prices of graphics cards and hard disks are soaring.

RTX3060人气机型 联想R9000P不到9千块钱

In contrast, the game, in addition to those particularly popular models are not easy to snap up, most of them are very good to buy.

Author: Zhang Fan



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