OLAM China x Jingdong, a new wave of Wine Festival

On May 19, stars, media and many young people gathered in Shanghai to appear together with fine wines at the opening reception of “olan Jingdong” Wine Festival. This is the first wine festival held by olan China and Jingdong. It also marks the beginning of a new round of wine trend.


Trendy, fun, unconventional Wine Festival

Different from the traditional wine festival, olan China is full of young genes, and combines with Jingdong e-commerce to target young people with “fancy marketing”.

Olan China has overturned the label of “exclusive to middle class and business people” of wine, and regarded wine as a fashion and social item, which frequently appears in consumption scenes of different circles, such as fashion and social, daily life, business art, etc., bringing new vitality to the wine industry.


Olan China is a Chinese wine company that adheres to original design and origin brewing. With the solid brewing technology of Spanish winery and the younger marketing means, olan China has made great progress in the wine market, opening up the vast young market. The million grade product olan little red riding hood has created a record of more than ten million bottles of sales in 18 months.


It’s younger and more interesting. Olan China is known as the “founder of net red wine” by the market. Each product is customized for young groups to meet the requirements of young elites in pursuit of quality and keen to share, and has set off a wave of fashion in the wine market.

This wine festival uses wine as a medium to create a circle culture of young people and redefine the trend attribute of wine.


Brand, quality, wine history and culture

At the opening dinner, wine, wine, whisky and net red Baijiu came to support, creating a wine brand and cultural event.

Representatives from Changyu, a leading Chinese wine company, and “Seventeen light years”, a fashionable fruit wine popular with women, as well as jiushijia and luomanhu whisky, were present to help the wine festival.


Mr. Zheng Junjie, chairman of OLAM China, said: “it’s a great honor to work with Jingdong to hold this wine festival. We will integrate OLAM group’s own, young, fashionable and diversified cultural genes, break through the tradition, create a new trend, and create a red wine festival campaign loved by different generations. I hope to cooperate more closely with Jingdong in the future and make more contributions and new market ideas for the wine industry. “

At the same time, prize interaction and fancy wine mixing were set up to integrate wine knowledge into all kinds of interaction on site, create a unique experience, and infect many young people with the concept of quality life.

Resonance, resonance, the end of the world at this time

With the help of Jingdong platform traffic, the wine festival achieved full coverage of advertising in Beijing and Shanghai, and launched a rich offline experience. With the “Internet red bus” full of ritual and freshness, it broke into the hearts of young people and focused on people’s eyes.


In order to deeply combine wine culture with the trend culture of young people, olan China has elaborately dressed up the theme bus of Jingdong Wine Festival in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, shuttled through city landmarks and characteristic blocks with artistic dress, staged flash shows, presented gifts of gift bags of Jingdong Wine Festival, etc., and aroused the resonance and inner resonance of young people.


At the same time, the bus invited fashion bloggers and food bloggers to get on the bus and share the flash experience of the Internet red themed bus in their own little red books and microblogs, which sparked with more circle consumers with the characteristics of youth, fun and fun.


In order to mobilize young people’s spontaneous communication, olan and Hangzhou chose Hangzhou loopy, Sinan residence in Huangpu District, Shanghai, maoolive club and Hangzhou Kerry Center Coffee Festival as four online Red punch points to interact with young people’s interesting souls and meet for the wine festival.

In addition, olan enlarges brand contacts through exhibitions, activities, gifts and other links, so that young people can feel and spread olan’s fun and fun concept in the process of tasting olan’s wine, and realize maximum drainage.


Stars, media, join in the “Internet red era” of Oran wine

This year’s Jingdong Wine Festival has attracted wide attention both inside and outside the industry. A series of stars, such as Wen Yuan, Feng Bo and Jiang Xinqi, have praised and endorsed it, enabling olan brand.

Tiktok, a popular community in micro-blog, jowl, KOL’s recommendation and forwarding topics, has been widely interacting with consumer groups online to unlock more Jingdong Wine Festival’s “new ways” in summer, making consumption a vivid experience.


Olan’s huge potential is favored by the capital, and completed the round a financing of over 100 million yuan at the beginning of the year; In early May, olan liquor signed a contract with Jianfa logistics, a member of Jianfa group, a core enterprise of the world’s top 500 Jianfa group, at the first China International Consumer Goods Expo.

Olan and Jingdong complement each other, once again complete the official certification and in-depth overweight of strategic sales channels, and will work together to promote another round of take-off of both brands. Olan deeply reaches the users, spreading young and interesting cultural ideas, and opening the “Internet red era” of olan red wine.



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