Consumer behavior report of sweeping robot released, users pay more attention to word of mouth and cleaning effect

Recently, iResearch released the “sinking” series of reports – floor sweeping robot consumer behavior report “, which summarized and analyzed the floor sweeping Robot Market Overview and user consumer behavior. The report points out that new people and intelligent upgrading of products will continue to promote the development of the floor sweeping robot market in 2021, and the market scale of China’s floor sweeping robot industry will reach 11.38 billion yuan in 2021.

At present, China’s floor sweeping robot market presents the characteristics of low penetration, obvious market growth, huge promotion space and high frequency of floor sweeping robots in sinking market. Mainstream manufacturers continue to promote the intelligent upgrading of floor sweeping robots. Laser navigation, visual navigation, self dust collection and self-cleaning are the driving directions; At the same time, cleaning effect, brand reputation and intellectualization are the main factors for users to consider when purchasing the sweeping robot. At the same time, the sinking market also pays more attention to the price, and the fifth tier cities pay more attention to the appearance, hot products and floor dragging function than the third and fourth tier cities.


The report also specially pointed out that brands can continuously improve the cleaning level through the development of science and technology, carry out product design around the cleaning habits, focus on the functions of suction, sweeping and towing, self-cleaning and self dust collection, effectively enhance consumer trust, and strengthen intelligent path planning, so as to seize the opportunity of the sinking market of sweeping robots.

Seeing this, it is not difficult to understand why t7s series of stone sweeper robot soon won the praise of consumers. It is precisely because it seizes these opportunities and solves the pain points of users.


The t7s series of stone sweeper robot includes two products, t7s and t7s plus, both of which upgrade the function of “wiping the ground” and comprehensively improve the sweeper performance. In addition, t7s series supports automatic dust collection function. The factory defaults to “automatic dust collection” mode. After the robot is recharged, it will start to collect dust automatically. Users can also manually adjust whether to collect dust and the dust collection mode at the app end according to the recent cleaning status, and customize the dust collection scheme.

Moreover, the stone automatic dust collection charging stand supports cyclone dust collection and dust bag dust collection. The capacity of cyclone bucket is 1.5L, and the capacity of replacement dust bag is 1.8L, which is enough for ordinary families to use for one month. One dust bag needs to be emptied once, so that the dust box does not need to be cleaned frequently, the maintenance frequency of sweeper is reduced, and the chance of dust contact for users is reduced to the greatest extent.


In terms of cleaning ability, the t7s series of stone sweeper robots can also fight. Equipped with 2500pa surging suction, the fan speed is as high as 20000 rpm, it can easily deal with the common household garbage such as cereal, sugar, millet, steel balls, hair, dander, food residue, etc., even the hair cleaning on the carpet.

At the same time, equipped with high-performance brushless motor, t7s series can drive the mop up to 3000 times / min high-frequency vibration, so as to easily disintegrate the ground stains and improve the cleaning efficiency. In order to meet the needs of deep cleaning, the t7s series of stone sweeping robots also support the “fine wiping” mode, with more intensive cutting, which is equivalent to “one area, wipe twice”, effectively improving the ability of wiping.

In addition, t7s series of stone sweeper robot adopts intelligent control lifting and floor wiping module, which is a mechanical structure composed of motor, gearbox driving pulley and cable to realize self lifting. When the ultrasonic sensor at the bottom scans that the machine is on the carpet, the floor wiping module will automatically rise by about 5mm to make the mop leave the ground, so as to avoid water stains left by the wet mop. When charging, the robot will be able to clean the floor, The robot will also lift the mop for better ventilation, which perfectly solves the problems of odor and bacteria caused by the wet mop clinging to the ground.


Of course, whether the sweeper is easy to use depends not only on its cleaning strength, but also on its intelligence. In the final analysis, we buy it to free our hands. In this regard, the t7s series of stone sweeping and towing robots are equipped with the latest RR masontm 8.0 algorithm system. From the core indicators of planning, mapping, and getting rid of difficulties, to the hardware functions of lifting and vibration, they become more intelligent. They can also find the right access in complex terrain. Basically, the whole house can be cleaned in place without leaving dead space.

Users can set different obstacle avoidance modes through app according to their own actual situation, so as to obtain the optimal cleaning and obstacle avoidance effect.

It has both cleaning ability and intelligent algorithm. For those who are busy with work and have no energy to do housework, it is very suitable to start a sweeping robot. From now on to May 31, the stone t7s plus will be warmed up in tmall. A gift box worth 199 yuan will be sent to the top 500 buyers by 10 yuan appointment, and tmall spirit will be sent to the top 500 buyers.

Text: Song Tao



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