BYD yuan Pro official chart launched on March 21 / upgrade blade battery

On March 17, BYD officially released the official figure of BYD yuan pro, and announced that it will be listed on March 21. The new car is the successor of BYD’s yuan EV, and its name has been updated to Yuan pro. The appearance of the front face has been redesigned. At the same time, the battery has also been replaced with lithium iron phosphate blade battery, and the driving range of NEDC is 401km.

The front face of the new car is mainly updated. The dragon face of E-seed GT is used in the front face. According to the exposure, the body size of the new car has slightly changed. The length, width and height of the new car are 4375 / 1785 / 1680 mm and the wheelbase is 2535 mm, which is 15 mm longer than that of the current model.

In terms of interior decoration, BYD yuan Pro continues the modeling design of Yuan ev. The central control 10.1-inch multimedia display has a good sense of science and technology, and it is also equipped with dilink3.0 intelligent network connection system, integrating voice recognition, voice reminder, Bluetooth hands-free call, Bluetooth mobile phone music, vehicle digital TV and other functions.

In terms of power, the new BYD yuan EV will be equipped with LiFePO4 blade battery, with energy density of 140wh / kg, maximum motor power of 100kW (136ps) and peak torque of 210n · M. In terms of driving range, the driving range of the new car under NEDC condition is 401km.

(photo / text / photo: Xiong Ruifeng, Pacific Auto Network)



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