Upgrade RTX 3070 notebook GPU, new mechanic zhankong f117-x evaluation

NVIDIA released geforcertx 30 series notebook GPU at ces2021 exhibition, which successfully brought the ampere architecture into the game based platform. Compared with the rtx20 Series graphics card with Turing architecture, NVIDIA has greatly improved the performance, and opened a new round of hardware upgrading in the game based industry. Among them, there are three experience upgrades brought by the ampere architecture:

Optimize the latest game computing requirements, improve the performance of traditional games, support ray tracing, AI computing and concurrent execution of traditional rendering, and greatly improve efficiency.

Ray tracing has become a new standard for games, and its excellent and realistic game pictures are better than those of non-traditional raster games. More and more games support ray tracing. The ray tracing performance of NVIDIA ampere architecture has also reached a new height.

DLSS can greatly improve game performance without increasing system power consumption and maintaining game image quality, which is also one of the biggest advantages of RTX.

Today, we are going to talk about the hardware replacement, the upgrade of geforcertx 3070 laptop GPU, and the new mechanic zhankong f117-x.

Appearance design

Machinist zhankong f117-x, a high-end flagship product line under the machinist brand, will make its debut in mid-2020. Machinist zhankong f117-x is defined as the all-round version of lightweight electronic competition. In terms of appearance design, it has great visual impact. The thickness of the fuselage is about 20 mm (the thinnest part is 19.8 mm, the thickest part is 22 mm), and the weight is only 2.3 kg. It maintains a lightweight fuselage and is very portable, which can meet the needs of mobile games.

Same as the old model, the A and C sides of the new machinist zhankong f117-x are made of aviation and aluminum alloy, and polished by 120 fine sand iron. The workmanship is very delicate and the texture is excellent. The machinist logo in the middle of the a side adopts diamond cutting technology, which has high recognition and supports users to set custom light effect in the software.

When it comes to lighting effect, in addition to the luminous logo on the top, the new machinist zhankong f117-x also has two rows of RGB atmosphere lights at the bottom of the front corners, which also supports user-defined settings.

The following are the lighting control options of the control center, which provide a variety of preset lighting effect themes, and can also adjust the brightness. Users can freely choose the mode according to their preferences.

In terms of screen, the new mechanic zhankong f117-x adopts a 5.5mm narrow frame design, which brings up to 83.5% of the screen. In order to meet the needs of game players and content creators, the 15.6-inch fog screen also supports a high refresh rate of 240Hz, and provides 100% sRGB gamut coverage. The overall display effect is outstanding. A high-definition camera is provided at the top of the screen frame to support face recognition.

As a lightweight e-book, the new machinist zhankong f117-x still provides a full-size keyboard, and supports partition RGB backlight. Through the shortcut key combination of FN + 1, the hardware operation mode can be switched.

In terms of connectivity and scalability, the new machinist zhankong f117-x is also very powerful. It provides two usb3.1 interfaces, one USB2.0 interface, one usbtype-c interface, one RJ45 cable interface, one 3.5mm headset microphone and one HDMI video output interface on the left, right and top of the fuselage, and supports wi-fi6 high-speed wireless network.

Hardware configuration and performance release

In terms of appearance design, the new machinist zhankong f117-x has not changed much compared with the old one. The real change is the internal hardware configuration. First of all, let’s talk about the graphics card, which is also the heaviest configuration upgrade of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x. the new mechanic zhankong f117-x can choose geforcertx3070 laptop GPU. Geforcertx3070 notebook GPU is based on the ampere architecture and Samsung 8nm process. It has 5120 CUDA units and 8gbgdr6 video memory. The specification is comprehensively improved compared with the previous generation rtx2070. At the same time, it supports the third generation max-q technology, dynamicboost 2.0, whispermode2.0, resizablebar and other advanced technologies.

However, it is worth noting that the specifications of geforcertx 30 series notebook GPU are quite different from those of desktop version, and the dynamic power consumption range of geforcertx 30 series notebook GPU is also very wide, so users need to pay attention to it when purchasing. In fact, NVIDIA is also very strict. Take the GPU of geforcertx 3070 laptop as an example. In the product information parameter table of the official website, the desktop version of rtx3070 has no redundant suffix, but geforcertx 3070 has laptopgpu suffix.

In terms of processor, machinist zhankong f117-x is equipped with Intel Core i7-10870h, which is the latest model of Intel’s 10th generation core comet lake-h family. The specification is 8-core 16 threads, and the three-level cache is 16MB. It supports Max technology 3.0 and thermal velocityboost temperature adaptive frequency acceleration. The maximum single core frequency can reach 5.0ghz. Its comprehensive performance is more powerful than last year’s mainstream processor core i7-10750h of high-end game books, and its cost performance is higher than that of core i7-10875h of the same 8-core.

Intel said at CES that before the advent of the 11th generation of core standard voltage tigerlake-h45, there will be more than 40 models based on the 10th generation of core standard voltage cometlake-h platform and a new generation of independent graphics card in the first half of this year. Obviously, the new mechanic zhankong f117-x is one of them.

Before the start of the performance test, according to the Convention, we should pass the pressure test of the toaster first to see the heat dissipation and performance release level of the whole machine. The first is single baking. At room temperature of 20 ℃, after 10 minutes of operation of aida64fpu toaster, the new mechanic zhankong f117-x can stably release about 75W of core i7-10870h, the core frequency is stable at 3.5GHz, and the temperature is 83 ℃, which is relatively stable as a whole.

Next is the aida64fpu + Furmark double bake test. After the double bake is turned on and running for 10 minutes, the CPU power consumption has decreased significantly, and finally stabilized at 45W, with the core frequency of 2.8GhZ. At this time, the gpu-z software shows that the GPU power consumption of geforcertx 3070 laptop is stable at 133.7w, which can be close to full blood operation.

It is worth noting that geforcertx 3070 notebook GPU and other ampere architecture products support dynamic boost 2.0 technology. When the game is actually running, the power consumption will be adjusted dynamically according to the load, and the subsequent game test will show the details.

Theoretical performance test

We use the conventional performance testing software to conduct a comprehensive performance test on the mechanic zhankong f117-x. The test items include CPU-Z, cinebenchr23, geekbench5, vraybenchmark 5, 3dmark, pcmark10, aida64, etc. And before the test, through the control center to open the storm mode, and turn on the one key strong cold.

The first is processor performance. The first is cpu-zversion17. The core i7-10870h has a single core score of 525.5 and a multi-core score of 4796.7.

Cpu-zv19 test avx2 project, core i7-10870h single core score is 667.5, multi-core score is 7089.5.

Geekbench5 is a comprehensive test tool compatible with multiple platforms. The core i7-10870h carried by the new mechanic zhankong f117-x scored 1311 for single core and 7775 for multi-core.

Cinebench is a commonly used processor test software, which can reflect the rendering performance of Cinema4D. It has been updated to R23 version. Under the pressure of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x, the core i7-10870h has a good performance release. In the R23 version test, the score of multithreading is as high as 10905pts, and the score of single core is 1243, which is very close to the mainstream core i7-10875h.

Using aida64 for memory and cache test, it can be recognized that the new machinist zhankong f117-x is equipped with dual channel DDR4 memory. The actual operating frequency is 2933, the read speed is 39773mb / s, the write speed is 42700mb / s, the copy speed is 35893mb / s, and the delay is 57.4ns. The overall balance is balanced, and the lower memory delay shows the inherent advantages of Intel platform.

V-Ray is a rendering software developed by chaosgroup, a professional developer of renderers. It is currently the most popular rendering engine in the industry. It is tested with benchmark version 5.0.20, and the atmosphere of core i7-10870h is 8230vsamples.

At present, V-Ray benchmark version 5.0.20 also adds GPU performance test. In gpucuda project, geforcertx 3070 laptop GPU scores 929vpaths, while gpurtx scores 1601vrays, which also shows the performance upgrade of the new architecture.

When it comes to the performance of graphics card, 3dmark is an essential test item. In order to fully show the performance of geforcertx 3070 notebook GPU, this evaluation uses several items in 3dmark.

The first is firestrike, which represents the performance of 1080pdx11. The new mechanic zhankong f117-x has a physics score of 20943 and a graphics score of 27029.

In the timespy test, which represents the performance of dx12 games, the new mechanic zhankong f117-x scored 10600.

In terms of light tracking performance, in the portroyal test, the geforcertx 3070 laptop GPU carried by the new mechanic zhankong f117-x got a high score of 6380.

At present, the latest version of 3dmark also adds the traditional DirectX ray tracing function test. The average frame rate of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x is 25.62fps, which is also excellent.

With the blessing of the 3rd generation tensorcore, the performance of DLSS is the key to improve the ampere architecture, which is also reflected in the NVIDIA DLSS test of 3dmark. Using the new mechanic zhankong f117-x to run the same scene, the frame rate before the DLSS is 29.52 FPS, and after the DLSS is turned on, it can rise to 71.84 FPS, with remarkable effect.

In terms of comprehensive performance, the pcmark10 professional edition was used for testing. The new mechanic zhankong f117-x scored 6093, including 9162 for common basic functions, 8502 for productivity and 7881 for digital content creation, which met the standards of medium and high-end game books, and ensured that there was no pressure for users to use it for heavy office work and content creation.

Game performance measurement

From the theoretical performance test results, the hardware performance of the new machinist zhankong f117-x meets the expectations, and the performance of the new geforcertx 3070 laptop GPU is particularly excellent, compared with last year’s. In terms of game performance, the author tested four 3A masterpieces, namely, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Islander: new dawn, war machine 5 and Tomb Raider: shadow. In the test, all the Games adopted 1920 × 1080 resolution, turned on the highest effect and turned off vertical synchronization.

The first is “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”. Even if the benchmark test of the highest special effects operation is started, the new mechanic zhankong f117-x can still stabilize the frame rate at 61fps, which is enough to reflect the powerful performance of geforcertx 3070 laptop GPU.

In the above, we mentioned that geforcertx 3070 notebook GPU and other ampere architecture products support dynamic boost 2.0 technology. With this technology, the game could dynamically allocate the power consumption of CPU and GPU according to the actual load during operation. Under the condition that the power consumption of the whole machine does not rise, the optimal utilization rate can be achieved by optimizing the allocation, and finally the performance can be improved. The game books on the market equipped with geforcertx 30 series notebook GPU are all enabled with dynamic boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology by default.

Frameview, officially produced by NVIDIA, is an application that can detect the frame rate, frame time, power and per watt performance of various graphics cards. As we all know, “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” is a game with high requirements for hardware configuration, which challenges the performance of CPU and GPU. During the running of “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, the author uses the frameview application to monitor the hardware running status of the mechanic zhankong f117-x. according to the results, the CPU power consumption is stable between 40-45w, and the GPU power consumption is between 125-135w It’s stable.

In the benchmark test of “island fright: new dawn”, the average frame rate of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x is 93 FPS, and the lowest frame rate is 58 FPS.

“Tomb Raider: Shadow” selects the highest image quality, and after ray tracing, runs benchmark test, the average frame rate reaches 77fps.

War machine 5 turns on ultra-high image quality, turns off vertical synchronization and maximum frame rate limit. The benchmark average frame rate of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x is 109.1fps, and the average frame rate of GPU is 110.6fps.

In addition to doubling the number of CUDA in each SM cell, NVIDIA ampere architecture also brings the 2nd generation rtcore and 3rd generation tensorcore, which further improves the efficiency of ray tracing compared with DLSS. Based on the third-generation tensorcore, NVIDIA said that dlss2.0 through AI algorithm can greatly improve the game frame rate without losing the image quality, so that players can enjoy leapfrog experience!

For example, cyberpunk 2077, a phenomenal 3A game, has very high requirements for configuration. Even if ray tracing is not turned on, it is difficult to run smoothly in super image quality. Fortunately, cyberpunk 2077 supports dlss2.0 technology, which can greatly improve the performance after it is turned on. According to the test results, whether it is medium or super image quality, the frame rate is improved by more than 10% after it is turned on.


Compared with the old model, although the mold design of the new machinist zhankong f117-x itself has not changed much, it still maintains the light and thin appearance with high appearance value. In terms of internal configuration, the change of the new mechanic zhankong f117-x can be described as a complete transformation. With the support of the latest geforce rtx3070 laptop GPU, the game performance of the whole machine has been significantly improved, and it can even win the tens of thousands of Yuan flag ship Game Book equipped with rtx2080 super in 2020.

At present, the new machinist zhankong f117-x has been on sale on the Jingdong platform. For players who want to experience the powerful performance of the ampere architecture, this one is equipped with geforcertx ™ 3070 notebook GPU products can not be missed!

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