Play online games and choose amd! R7 5800x pressure i9-10900k

With its outstanding online game performance, AMD’s sharp dragon 5000 series desktop processor was coveted by a large number of online game players and video game players as soon as it was launched in November last year. And the super high popularity, also let this generation of processor in last year appeared often sold out, a U hard situation, many players’ desire to save machine can not be satisfied.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

Now, amd has increased the production capacity of the sharp dragon 5000 series desktop processors after the new year, and the hard to find situation in the market has been significantly improved. Take amd Jingdong self operated flagship store as an example. At present, Ruilong 55600x, Ruilong 75800x and Ruilong 95950x are all spot sales. It’s time for online game players to get on the bus!

This time, the author will recommend Ruilong 7 5800x with rtx3060 this set of high cost-effective online game configuration combination. With 8-core 16 thread design, the maximum acceleration frequency can reach 4.7ghz. It is suitable for playing video games with the sweet rtx3060.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

When it comes to the sharp dragon 7 5800x, some players may ask: at present, Intel’s flagship processor core i9-10900k has dropped to 3499 yuan, and the price is about to catch up with the sharp dragon 7 5800x. Is it appropriate for online game players to choose the sharp dragon 7 5800x now?

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

For this, the author’s answer is still: appropriate! Of course, a single mouth is certainly not convincing. It’s a mule, it’s a horse. The next online game between the sharp dragon 7 5800x and the core i9-10900k is easy to see.

Introduction of test platform

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

Why do I recommend rtx3060 graphics card to online game players? The first is that there is no need to buy expensive graphics card to play online games. Second, it is also very important that rtx3060 graphics card is in stock, not air card. For the gtx1660 super, which has been fried to 3500 yuan, and the rtx2060, rtx3060 graphics card, which is about 4000 yuan, it is worth more.

Ruilong 7 5800x vs. core i9-10900k

Popular online games: League of Heroes

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

The League of heroes is now the world’s top competitive game. It is developed by Riot Games and Tencent game agent in Chinese mainland. In 2018, “League of heroes” became the event of the Asian Games.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“League of heroes” this game eat CPU performance. In actual performance, the sharp dragon 7 5800x is 13% ahead of the core i9-10900k, which is equivalent to the gap between the first grade graphics card. I have to say that the zen3 architecture is really powerful!

Popular online games: CS: go

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

CS: go is a first person shooting team competitive game developed by valve and represented by the perfect world. It is the orthodox sequel of the world-renowned CS. It inherits the classic, players can compete in the hail of bullets as the battlefield elite.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“CS: go” this game, sharp dragon 7 5800x lead core i9-10900k up to 8%. In the era of zen2 architecture, AMD’s performance in this game is obviously better than Intel’s. Now zen3 architecture can have such a good performance is expected.

Popular online games: survival of the Jedi

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“Survival of the Jedi” (pubg) is a tactical competitive shooting sandbox game developed by blue hole. Eating chicken and eating chicken mainly refers to it. In this game, players need to collect all kinds of resources on the game map, and fight against other players in the shrinking security area, so that they can survive to the end.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

The performance of the game “survival of the Jedi” is 5% higher than that of the core i9-10900k. Before zen3 processor came out, this game has always been Intel’s advantage game. Now AMD’s performance can surpass Intel so much, which once again proves the strength of zen3 architecture.

Popular online games: watch the vanguard

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“Watch pioneer” is a first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment, which was listed in the world in May 24, 2016 and is represented by NetEase in Chinese mainland. The game takes the future Earth as the background, and tells about the entanglement between human beings, members of the watch pioneer and intelligent machinery. Each hero has his own signature weapons and skills.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“Watch the vanguard” this game mainly eat graphics card performance, is not particularly dependent on the processor. Measured, the sharp dragon 7 5800x and the core i9-10900k are the same, which also belongs to the expected results.

Popular online games — fortress night

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“Fortress night” is a PvP competitive shooting game with 100 players. In the game, players will play a young man who participates in the selection, compete with other competitors, decide the final winner, and lead everyone to save the village and defend their homes. In PvE mode, players can team up to explore the world, save the survivors and meet the incoming monsters at night.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

“Fortress night” this game, the sharp dragon 7 5800x is only 2 frames behind the core i9-10900k, basically can be regarded as the same level of performance.

According to the actual measurement of these popular online games, compared with the core i9-10900k, the sharp dragon 7 5800x is obviously superior, especially in the game League of heroes, the sharp dragon 7 5800x has a huge performance advantage.

Next, after testing several popular online games, I’ll test cyberpunk 2077 again. Cyberpunk 2077 is a phenomenal game, which is well-known in the game circle and has a strong representative.

Phenomenon level game measurement — cyberpunk 2077

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly one of the most popular computer games. It tells a story of action adventure in an open world. The game is set in “night city”, a metropolis obsessed with power, charm and physical transformation. The player’s character “V” becomes a mercenary wandering on the edge of the law after accepting a physical transformation in an attempt to achieve immortality.

玩网游选AMD!R7 5800X力压i9-10900K

For cyberpunk 2077, a new generation of light pursuit game, the performance of sharp dragon 7 5800x is equal to that of core i9-10900k. Obviously, the sharp dragon 7 5800x is also a good choice for stand-alone game players.

Full text summary

How about, the price is a few hundred cheaper than the core i9-10900k, and the online game performance is better than the core i9-10900k, so the value-added sharp dragon 7 5800x, online game players can’t be wrong to buy it!

As for the graphics card, the rtx3060 used in this test has undoubtedly been able to meet the needs of most online games. If you still want to experience such stand-alone game masterpieces as cyberpunk 2077, you can also choose the radon RX 6000 Series graphics card, especially the RX 6700 XT, which will be on sale soon. The price performance is also very good!

At the end of the article, I would also like to mention the new competitors that the sharp dragon 7 5800x will face, that is, Intel’s upcoming core i7-11700k and even core i9-11900k. At present, there have been a lot of evaluation content about Intel’s 11 generation desktop processor on the network at home and abroad, among which the online game performance of Intel is still at a disadvantage compared with AMD.

Based on this, for the online game players who start with AMD Raptor 7 5800x now, when the Intel 11 generation desktop processor comes on the market, you will find that the AMD processor in your hand is still so valuable!

Early to buy early to enjoy, so can fight for the sharp dragon 7 5800x, online game players rest assured to buy it!

Author: Wu Wen



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