Help enterprises to rejuvenate! Office computer in March

Spring is the plan of the year! In order to help enterprises rejuvenate, perform better, and climb up, Jingdong’s official self operated flagship store has specially opened office computer promotion activities, in which a large number of popular models are involved, and there are full amount reduction and return to Jingdong e-card and other concessions. Enterprises and institutions interested in purchasing new computers in the near future can pay more attention.


This time, we especially recommend four popular models, including two business laptops, maxbook P1, smartbook S1, 2021 performance version, a commercial host, shangrui 2 generation, and a commercial all-in-one computer, shangrui A3 pro. They are of good quality and low price, and are worth your owning!

Maxbook P1


Maxbook P1 is a super affordable 15.6-inch light notebook computer. It adopts aluminum magnesium alloy body design, which is light and easy to carry. It is also equipped with Intel 4 core processor and IPS display, which can meet the needs of many office workers. What’s more attractive is that this lightweight book is only sold for 2199 yuan (fans price).

The maxbook P1 notebook body is made of high-cost aluminum magnesium alloy, which is durable. At the same time, the whole machine is designed to be very thin, the thinnest part is about 16.9mm, which is easy to put into people’s daily travel backpack and carry. In terms of performance configuration, this notebook is equipped with Intel Celeron j4125 processor, four core and four thread design, built-in uhd600 core graphics card, with 8GB DDR4 memory, 256gb solid state hard disk, full size backlit keyboard and dual band wireless network card, etc.

In addition, this notebook is equipped with a high-quality 15.6-inch 1920 * 1080 resolution IPS screen, with clear and delicate display effect and wonderful picture quality. At the same time, climbing also for this laptop screen with tempered glass, can protect the display well, very considerate.

Due to the use of ultra-low power processor, this notebook chooses the passive cooling design, which not only provides reliable cooling, but also realizes the zero noise and completely silent working state. This notebook is also equipped with a 45.6wh large capacity lithium battery. The official indicates that its service life is more than 10 hours, which can fully meet the needs of ordinary people for mobile travel and light office. Business people can buy it with confidence.

Smart book 2021


Smartbook S1 2021 performance edition is a high-efficiency and light-weight edition designed in strict accordance with Intel Evo standards, which can provide excellent mobile office experience for business people.

It uses the high cost aluminum magnesium alloy fuselage design, the net weight of the whole machine is only 1.48kg, and the portability is quite good. And with 11 generations of core i5-1135g7 processor and full HD display, it can meet the needs of many families light office light entertainment.

The new sharp torch Xe graphics card is also a highlight of tiger Lake’s 11th generation core mobile processor. Among them, the core i5-1135g7 processor has up to 80 execution units (EU), with excellent artificial intelligence performance and graphics performance, and has won many independent graphics cards in this market segment!

This lightweight screen is also a good place to praise. It adopts a 14.1-inch Full HD IPS screen with micro frame, and has 99% sRGB gamut coverage. It can present wonderful picture quality. This screen has satisfactory performance in office, drama and entertainment. In addition, this screen can also achieve 180 ° opening and closing, which can meet the needs of more office scenes.

This lightweight version has 10 hours of ultra long endurance, which can fully meet the travel and office needs of most users all day. Support fingerprint identification function, accurate identification, high security. In addition, it is also equipped with advanced dual lightning 4 interface, which has excellent expansion function. It can be connected with external graphics card dock, external dual 4K display and so on, so as to achieve more powerful office performance.

Shangrui 2-generation commercial office host


Shangrui 2-generation business office desktop is very small. Its chassis volume is only 12 liters. It can effectively save space when placed on your desk. For general light office applications, shangrui 2-generation office business desktop (core I3 version) is already competent. This model is equipped with core i3-10100 processor, 8GB memory, 256gb SSD and other hardware configuration.

Among them, the i3-10100 processor is designed with 4 cores and 8 threads, and the Rui frequency is up to 4.3ghz. Compared with the ninth generation i3-9100, its performance is improved by about 46%, and it can run common office software smoothly. At the same time, this machine also uses a high-quality custom CPU fan, its operating noise value is as low as 30 dB, the mute effect is quite good, to help you work at ease.

At present, the retail price of shangrui 2-generation business office desktop is only 2188 yuan, which is also very high value!

Shangrui A3 Pro business integrated computer


Climbing business Rui A3 Pro business integrated computer uses a 23.8-inch rotatable screen, which can quickly switch to vertical screen display mode to meet more office needs. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1080, the gamut coverage is up to 99% sRGB, and the display effect is very outstanding. In particular, this machine guarantees no bright screen, so that picky perfectionists can be assured bold to buy. In addition, its screen also uses a narrow frame design, the frame width is only 2mm, the screen proportion is very prominent, can provide a very good sense of visual immersion.

In terms of core configuration, the processor of this commercial all-in-one computer adopts Intel 10 generation 4-core j4125, with 12gb high-frequency memory, so it has no problem in daily use. Plus 256gb solid-state disk, both storage and reading speed are very fast. In addition, this all-in-one computer is equipped with HDMI interface, Gigabit network interface, and four USB3.0 interfaces. Dual band WiFi ensures the high-speed online effect of the computer, while Bluetooth allows the computer to connect more devices.

At present, if you buy this commercial all-in-one computer, you can get a free multimedia wireless keyboard and mouse set. You can’t miss this opportunity!

Author: Zhang Fan



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