The first smart watch will be released soon! Liu zuohu: it will be polished by hand

Driving China’s news on March 19, 2021, on the way for smart manufacturers to transform into “watch factories”, Yijia is finally late. We will also witness the arrival of Yijia’s first smart watch at the launch of Yijia’s new generation flagship Yijia 9 series on March 24, which officially declares Yijia’s entry into the field of smart watches.

Of course, with the press conference approaching, we will learn more about the details of Yijia smart watch. According to the latest news, Yijia officials also stepped up the warm-up of new products. Liu zuohu, founder and CEO of Yijia, disclosed yesterday that Yijia’s first smart watch will be polished by finishing.


In this regard, Liu zuohu said that in order to make the desired texture, this time Yijia watch will be polished by hand. Although this process is very difficult, it is not particular. At the same time, Liu zuohu also revealed that he made a lot of choices in the material of the watch, and finally chose a special material to be used in the field of smart watches for the first time.

Although we don’t know what kind of special materials will be used for the first smart watch of Yijia, we can be sure that the price of Yijia’s smart watch is not cheap with the ingenuity of hand polishing. Obviously, we have to take a high-end road. For Yijia, who has just entered the smart watch industry, it’s really risky.

In fact, the truth is also very simple. If a newcomer wants to gain a firm foothold, he naturally has to rely on the products. Originally, consumers are full of doubts and focus on the high-end market, which undoubtedly limits himself. The products are only for a small number of people.

In addition, according to previous information, we learned that the first smart watch of Yijia adopts the classic round dial design. Unfortunately, we still don’t know more about the functional experience of the smart watch. Let’s look forward to the final answer of Yijia.



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