Last night and this morning: highland capital’s acquisition of Philips 5g home appliance information platform has been completed, iqoo Z3 and snapdragon 780g have been released

&March 26, 2021 driving China last night and this morning

昨夜今晨:高瓴资本接盘飞利浦家电 5G消息平台已建设完成 iQOO Z3、骁龙780G发布

China Mobile revealed that the construction of 5g information platform has been completed

According to, Jian Qin, general manager of China Mobile, said at the 2020 annual performance conference that 5g news is a good product for operators and the whole society. In terms of competition with existing social products, 5g news is the upgrade of short message products of operators, which will be differentiated based on characteristic applications.

Jian Qin disclosed that at present, the whole platform of 5g message has been completed, and the three operators will study how to develop 5g message well together. The existing difficulties are that the terminal supporting 5g message is relatively thin and the coverage rate is insufficient. In the next step, they will work together with the industrial ecological chain to promote the development of 5g message.

Philips’s home appliance business is a strategic capital

According to, last night, Beijing time, Royal Philips( NYSE:PHG ; AEX:PHIA )It announced that it had signed an agreement to sell its home appliance business to hillhood for about 3.7 billion euros. According to public information, Philips home appliances, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a global leader in the fields of kitchen, coffee, clothing care and home care appliances. It has more than 7000 employees worldwide and conducts innovation, manufacturing and business activities in more than 100 countries.

Products include automatic espresso machines, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, etc., with sales of 2.2 billion euros in 2020.

The deal valued Philips’s home appliance business at about 3.7 billion euros. After the completion of the transaction, after deducting taxes and transaction related costs, Philips is expected to receive about 3 billion euros in cash.

In addition, Philips will, through an exclusive global brand licensing agreement with household appliances, license household appliances to continue to use Philips brand and its specific brands of household appliances for manufacturing, brand marketing and marketing worldwide. The licensing period will be 15 years and may be extended depending on conditions. The estimated net present value of the brand authorization is about 700 million euro, which is about 4.4 billion euro after the total transaction value, equivalent to nearly 34 billion yuan.

As to why Philips chose to sell this part of its core business as a whole, Frans van Houten, Philips Global CEO, said: “I am very glad that Philips has reached a cooperation with hillhood to further expand its market leadership position in the household appliances business, build a strong brand and expand innovative channels. After the completion of the deal, Philips will focus on expanding our leadership position in health technology and further transforming into a health services company to provide professional health care services to customers. “

It is reported that the transaction is subject to the prescribed conditions, including regulatory approval, and is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

Iqoo Z3 officially released, starting at 1699 yuan

According to our website, iqoo, a smartphone brand, held a new product launch yesterday evening and officially launched its new product iqoo Z3.

In terms of appearance design, iqoo Z3 adopts 3D arc back cover, 2.75mm ultra narrow middle frame, 8.5mm in thickness and 185.5g in weight, which is 0.56mm thinner and 14g lighter than the previous generation.

The machine is equipped with a 120Hz racing screen, 180hz touch sampling rate, more support for a variety of high frame games, retain the well received eagle eye display enhancement 2.0, and support 4D game vibration, bring more accurate game scene recognition and provide vibration.

In terms of performance, the new machine adopts Qualcomm snapdragon 768g, three cluster architecture, and memory fusion technology, which makes 8g operation memory equivalent to 11g memory. Ufs2.2 is adopted for storage, with 127% increase in sequential write speed and 30% increase in random read-write speed. At the same time, multi turbo is provided 5.0, providing the fastest path optimization of the system, super system process, application second on 2.0, and equipped with a five fold liquid cooling system in terms of heat dissipation, which can reduce the core temperature by up to 10 degrees.

In terms of imaging, iqoo Z3 is equipped with three camera combination, including 64 million ultra clear main camera, 120 degree ultra wide angle lens and ultra macro lens. It also provides super night scene, multi style night scene, AI polar night self shooting and other functions, and adds vlog creation template, style filter, big movie mode and EFB continuous focus function.

In terms of endurance, iqoo Z3 uses 4400mAh battery and 55W flash charge, which can charge from 15% to 60% in 15 minutes.

In terms of price, the new model starts from 1699 yuan, including 1699 yuan for 6GB + 128GB, 1799 yuan for 8GB + 128GB and 1999 yuan for 8GB + 256gb. It’s officially on sale at 10:00 on April 1.

Qualcomm releases snapdragon 780g to replace snapdragon 765G

According to cnBeta, last night, Beijing time, Qualcomm announced the launch of snapdragon 780g mobile platform, a 5g chipset specially designed for secondary high-end mobile phones. Its positioning is to bring some high-end functions to secondary low-cost devices. One of the biggest upgrades is the spectrum 570 triple ISP feature, which means that the camera can actually capture images from three different lenses at the same time.

The obvious choices are wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses, which manufacturers can use to arrange more cameras. Qualcomm also promised to provide better low light performance and support hdr10 + video capture.

Another new feature is the sixth generation of Qualcomm AI engine, which is driven by hexagon 770 DSP and combined with kryo 670 CPU and Adreno 642 GPU. Its performance is twice that of the previous generation, and it can add up to 12 tops.

Snapdragon 780g is actually the successor of snapdragon 765G, which was launched at the snapdragon technology summit in December 2019. Although it is not the first snapdragon 7 Series SOC, it is the first 5g SOC and the first SOC that truly provides high-end experience. For some time, a large number of consumers want high-end features, but they don’t need all the features provided by snapdragon 8 series.

From the second quarter of this year, that is, a week later, devices carrying snapdragon 780g will be available, according to Qualcomm.

Midea electric oven explodes again, officials argue it’s a small probability event

Recently, Mr. Su of Weifang, Shandong Province, revealed that the Midea oven he bought suddenly exploded during normal use, fast technology reported. Mr. Su questioned the quality of Midea’s products, but Midea’s staff said that they were not inferior products and the oven had a self explosion rate. At present, Mr. Su has accepted the compensation plan put forward by Midea, including return of goods and compensation of 200 yuan.

This is not the first time Midea’s oven has exploded.

In February of this year, Ms. Ma of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, took the oven and roasted it for the first time in strict accordance with the instructions. As a result, the oven exploded suddenly in the process of empty baking, and the glass splashed all around, which scared the children at home to cry.

Afterwards, Ms. Ma contacted the customer service of Midea, and then the after-sales staff of Midea told her that according to the insurance, the maximum compensation was 150 yuan.

However, Ms. Ma spent 249 yuan on the oven, which made it difficult to accept the compensation offered by Midea. Finally, after coordination, Midea paid twice the price of the oven.

At that time, the relevant person in charge of Midea oven said: “for the whole incident, after special investigation and analysis, the company found that the accident was actually the self explosion of tempered glass at high temperature during the preheating process of the oven.” The person in charge explained that glass self explosion is a common problem in the tempered glass industry, but it is a low probability event, not due to the design or manufacturing of the product itself.

Judging from the official responses to the two incidents, Midea did not think its products had quality problems, but pointed out that the oven had a self explosion rate.



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