Recessive price increase sharing power bank starts to cut “leek”

On March 28, the topic of collective price increase of sharing power bank once again became a hot topic. Mobile phone charging is everyone’s just need in the Internet era, but the frequent doubling of the price of shared power bank also makes consumers unable to bear. Experts bluntly said: “at present, the fast charging technology is gradually mature, and the user stickiness of sharing power bank businesses is declining, but at this time, the price is still rising frequently, which is undoubtedly an unwise behavior.”

It’s hard to detect the price increase of half-hour billing

In the anxiety of mobile phone power becoming red, a rentable shared power bank can be described as “river lake emergency”. The business of sharing power bank has almost become the only child in the “sharing economy” under the current situation of mobile phones.

However, recently, the price of shared power bank has increased quietly. It is reported that the price of special scenes such as business districts and hospitals is 3-4 yuan per hour, while that of bars and nightclubs is as high as 10 yuan per hour.

Beijing Business Daily reporter investigation found that the major sharing power bank indeed began a new round of price surge. The rent for charging a small battery is as high as 2.5 yuan / half an hour. After Xiao Liu used it in Renaissance Hotel for 2 hours and 34 minutes, he paid 15 yuan. The reporter rented the Jiedian power bank in a snack bar in Shuangjing, Chaoyang District. It costs 4 yuan per hour and 8 yuan after 1 hour and 6 minutes. The monster power bank rented by businesses near Wangfujing also costs 2 yuan / 30 minutes, 28 yuan / 24 hours and 99 yuan.

As for the reason for the price rise of the shared power bank, Beijing business daily contacted monster power bank and other businesses, but as of press time, no response has been received.

And the price of power bank is rising quietly, which seems to make it difficult for consumers to find. Consumer Xiao Wang told Beijing Business Daily: “in the beginning, the price of sharing power bank was marked by the hour. Now it is marked by half an hour. If you don’t look carefully, you still think that the price has not increased.”

“Generally, there will be a delay in the process of price increase. In addition, businesses use half-hour billing, but most consumers have the impression that they charge by the hour, so it will lead to cognitive errors. It is difficult to detect the change of price at the first time, or they can only be forced to accept the price if they are in a hurry. But after using it several times, when you see the bill of the current month, you will have some experience, and the proportion of consumers carrying their own power bank will gradually increase. ” Financial technology industry expert Zhang Kun said.

Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in the comments on social media related topics that many netizens commented: “I’d better bring my own power bank.” According to a microblog survey on “what’s the price of shared power bank you can accept”, 13000 netizens choose less than 3 yuan / hour, while the number of netizens choose 3-5 yuan / hour drops to 1027, and only 205 choose more than 5 yuan / hour.

Zhang Kun pointed out: “with the development of mobile Internet, businesses often first burn money to subsidize and cultivate users’ habits, and then raise prices to reap. But the price increase of sharing power bank by four times is too naked, and it is difficult for consumers to accept it. “

Many reasons make it difficult to return

If the rent sharing power bank cannot be returned, it will deduct about 99 yuan, but the return road seems not smooth. Xiaowei, a consumer, told Beijing Business Daily that after renting the street power sharing power bank at a restaurant in Huaxi live recently, he found that the power bank cabinet was full and could not be returned. Later, Xiaowei searched for the same brand of power bank cabinets in many restaurants in the business district, but they were all full, which eventually led to the failure to return them in time.

Consumer Xiao Li also encountered the above situation: “once upon a time, in order to return the monster power bank, I went to Wanda golden street, and every one was full. There was no way to return it, so I was forced to spend 99 yuan to buy it.” Some consumers even said: “I have encountered when I take out the power bank, it will automatically spit out a fill, so that you have no place to return or borrow one more hour.” “I also borrowed the power bank. When I returned it, the whole machine was taken away.”

In view of the above situation, the Beijing Business Daily reporter called the official service hotline of Jiedian and the official customer service hotline of monster charging for consultation. Both said that when the merchants are closed, the charging cabinet is full and other phenomena cannot be returned, it is suggested that consumers find nearby merchants to return or return the next day. As for the extra cost, the customer service of Jiedian said that the order number should be provided. If the case is true, it will be handled as appropriate. However, they did not give a clear answer to the question of whether they would definitely refund the price difference.

According to statistics, there are 36786 complaints about “power bank” in the black cat complaint platform, including 6280 complaints about “sharing power bank”, involving businesses including Xudian, monster charging, cloud charging bar, Xiaodian technology, fast green power bank, fast power bank, etc. Most of the complaints focus on problems such as not returning after returning, unable to contact customer service, unable to return the power bank due to various reasons, resulting in continuous charging and non refundable deposit.

The status of rigid demand is gradually weakening

At present, 5g network is under continuous construction. The first group of friends who use 5g mobile phones are constantly searching for 5g signals, which leads to their mobile phone power consumption faster. Mobile payment, mobile drama, mobile office The timely charging of mobile phones is naturally one of people’s rigid needs, but with the doubling of the price of shared power bank and the gradual popularization of mobile phone fast charging, the rigid demand status of shared power bank has begun to shake.

In March this year, monster charging, which has been established for only four years, plans to go public in the United States. According to the disclosed documents, the company’s operating revenue in 2020 was 2.809 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 38.9%; its net profit was 75.4 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 54.86%.

“At present, the fast charging technology is gradually maturing, the charging speed is improving, and the battery life of mobile phones is also gradually increasing. The former rigid demand status of sharing power bank is weakening, and its realization mode is relatively single, which is generally rent + advertising mode. While the business revenue of sharing power bank increases, the profit is declining, which also shows the decline of user stickiness, and it needs to continue to burn money to maintain high growth. But at this time, the price is still rising frequently, which is undoubtedly an unwise behavior. ” Zhang Kun said frankly.

“Huawei fast charging doesn’t need power bank.” A netizen commented. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that Huawei mobile phones have begun to support fast charging mode, and turn on “super power saving” mode. A fully discharged mobile phone can be fully charged in about an hour under this charging mode.

Wang Chikun, an independent economist, said that under normal circumstances, the market is determined by both sides of supply and demand and interacts with each other. When supply exceeds demand, the market price falls. When demand exceeds supply, the market price rises. At the same time, the market price affects both sides of supply and demand. At present, charging life is just needed, and it is not likely to reduce demand due to price changes. However, the increase of market price and profit margin will attract the increase of supply. And the supply of chargers or power bank is very convenient and low price, there is no supply difficulty and threshold. The rising price of shared charging will lead to more market supply until supply and demand balance and price balance.

Wang Chikun further pointed out: “the dividend of the charging industry may promote the industry to innovate again in technology and business model. With the maturity of wireless charging technology, charging methods similar to packet charging will appear, and shared charging may face elimination.”

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Yuwei

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