Civilized sacrifice becomes a new fashion! This Qingming Festival, I choose the missing hall to remember my lost relatives

As we all know, Qingming Festival is a traditional festival for the Chinese nation to commemorate their ancestors. For thousands of years, people have solemnly sent their thoughts and respect for their deceased relatives and ancestors in this solar term of “Qingming season is full of rain”. This weekend, it’s the Qingming Festival holiday. Many people must have added the content of going back to their hometown and sweeping tombs in their itinerary.


One is the emotional constraints, the other is the changes in the domestic epidemic situation. According to the relevant data of the National Health Commission, 6 new local cases were added yesterday. Therefore, we can choose the online sacrifice platform to express our mourning for the deceased relatives. Although the form of sacrifice has changed, it will not weaken the ritual sense of sacrifice because of the distance.

In fact, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work, all departments across the country advocate civilized sacrifice, calling for the modern interpretation of Qingming Festival Culture through the Internet and mobile terminals, so as to transfer the traditional cultural connotation to the online, and make civilized sacrifice a new fashion of the society.

This Qingming civilization health sacrifice, I choose the network sacrifice platform missing hall. As an industry-leading Internet sacrifice platform, the interface design of Miss Hall has no sense of depression, and the overall look is very fashionable and simple. More importantly, the user operation is very convenient and fast, just like the online reward, and the overall operation experience is very good.


Users only need to search the “online yearning hall” in WeChat, open the “missing hall” official account, click the “missing hall” button, and then enter the relevant page to create. In the specific construction, users can not only upload the memorial album of the deceased relatives, but also write the life information for them, including the life experience and even great achievements of the deceased relatives.

What’s more, compared with many online sacrifice platforms, Miss Hall also has a very strict information security system, so users don’t have to worry about the leakage of personal information. At the same time, as a formal online sacrificial platform, all products and services are priced clearly, so users can choose freely and consume transparently.

As winter goes and spring comes, plants sprout and Qingming Festival remembers the lost relatives and friends. I choose the online sacrifice platform missing hall. Distance should not be an obstacle to blocking missing and emotion. Today, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, civilized sacrifice is really necessary.



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