Why can’t you buy a pair of shoes at the original price

When selling popular shoes, it’s hard for consumers to buy them at the original price. Recently, an investigation by Beijing Business Daily found that it is more and more common for shoe dealers to grab shoes with BOT software in the shoe speculation circle. BOT software has become a necessary tool for shoe dealers to improve the winning rate, and shoe dealers are even willing to pay tens of thousands of yuan for purchase and maintenance. In the secondary market where shoe speculation is popular, consumers are the disadvantaged group after all. After consumers place an order, once the price of the shoes rises, the seller will delay the delivery or even cancel the order for reasons such as out of stock or in transfer. Consumers who can’t get the limited edition can only switch to the ordinary edition. Insiders pointed out that the market of fried shoes is huge and the risk coefficient is very high. It may soon break down in the current trend of fashion and market aesthetics.


Why is it difficult to grab shoes? BOT software is popular

Buy in one second

It can register tens of thousands of accounts

It may not be people but machines who watch the countdown with you.

“The speed of a human hand can never match that of a bot.” Mr. Zhou, a shoe seller with ten years of experience, told Beijing business daily. Mr. Zhou further explained: “BOT, Chinese name for robot, is a shopping software that grabs shoes every second. Different BOT has different functions.”

Mr. Zhou is quite clear about the use of BOT in the shoemaking circle. He stressed that for the shoe purchase mode that requires hand speed, bot can add items to the shopping cart before sale, and complete the payment process in one second. “For the online lottery mode, some shoe dealers can register tens of thousands of accounts through BOT, thus greatly improving the winning rate.”

According to industry insiders, bot can greatly improve the success rate of purchase and the number of winning lots, but it can’t limit others’ purchase. However, even if there is no BOT, the popularity of limited shoes will still cause “crowded” situation, and the purchase success rate will not necessarily be significantly improved.

Bot can complete the payment process in one second, and there are tens of thousands of accounts, so it seems that people’s hand speed can’t compete with machine speed. Obviously, shoe lovers are also aware of the difficulty of seizing shoes by their own hand speed. “I’ve given up trying to grab shoes on the Nike snkrs app. It’s impossible to buy them.” Shoe enthusiast Xiao Li said.

It is understood that there are different bot for different platforms. It mainly includes tmall BOT, snkrs draw BOT, snkrs pass BOT, etc. When the retail consumers who grab shoes Click to buy immediately and are anxious to wait for the result, the robot has already skipped these cumbersome steps for human beings to place an order successfully.

Another shoe seller, Xiao Zhang, said: “if limited edition shoes can get into the hands of people who really like them from the beginning, there will be no” sky high price “phenomenon in the secondary market.”

The purchase cost can reach tens of thousands of yuan

Or constitute a criminal offence

The existence of BOT software has interfered with the sale of brands. The three double pound nike shoes originally scheduled for sale on March 6, 2021 were delayed to March 9 due to too many BOT standby. However, on March 9, Xiaolin, a consumer, said: “the first time I participated, the result was still that I received a short message that didn’t win the lottery.”

BOT, which is necessary for “professional” shoe dealers, is not a free software. If you want to win more in the process of robbing shoes, you are bound to spend a lot of money on it.

Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in a number of shoe trading groups that there are not a few people selling BOT software. However, for individual buyers who only want to buy a pair of shoes, the price of buying and maintaining BOT is really expensive. Mr. Zhou said that the price of buying a bot ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan, because the brand side regularly improves the back office of the official website according to the functions of the BOT, so in order to make the BOT continuously effective, the annual maintenance cost is about ten thousand yuan.

“Without a stable and large number of consumers, it’s not cost-effective to use BOT.” Mr. Zhou said frankly.

The existence of BOT software makes shoe lovers miserable, but it can’t be banned. Zhao Zhanzhan, a lawyer from Zhilin law firm in Beijing, said that whether the software for stealing shoes constitutes a criminal crime mainly depends on whether the software invades the brand system. If it really constitutes the crime of providing the program and tools to intrude into the computer information system illegally controlled, it naturally constitutes a criminal crime.

In fact, the use of ticket grabbing software has been punished for a long time. Panic buying panic buying software for black rice was sentenced in 2017 in the Yingze District People’s Court of Taiyuan City, Shanxi province. Three suspect was sentenced to jail for “making up the crime of illegally controlling computer information system and tools” because of the jailed software for making and selling yellow bull.

At present, shoe dealers do not dare to intrude into the brand system by using the software. According to Zhao Zhanzhan, “some of the shoe grabbing software on the market now provides the function of increasing the purchase rate, but it also belongs to the gray area, so it is difficult to define the responsibility of the manufacturer and seller.”.

He further pointed out: “BOT software is similar to the ticket grabbing software on 12306. Many Internet companies will use this kind of ticket grabbing software, and relevant departments have also conducted interviews about it, but the results are difficult to satisfy many parties. This kind of software has a certain impact on the relevant market order and needs strong supervision. “

Chasing up and killing down are common

Grey areas need to be eliminated

After BOT software got the shoes, shoe dealers began to rack their brains to raise the price in order to maximize the profits.

A large number of limited edition shoes have entered the pockets of shoe dealers quietly, followed by the huge income brought by the price difference. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that the trading mode of many shoe trading platforms, such as nice, is the seller’s own pricing. “It’s easy for sellers to set their own prices to be followed by some top shoe dealers. If they want to speculate on which shoes, they will raise their prices in a large area. The mentality of” chasing up and down “in buying stocks also exists in the shoe industry.” A sneaker industry insider said.

There are some miscalculations when shoe dealers fry shoes. Affected by the Nike incident, the seller of Yichao shoes told Beijing Business Daily: “the prices of the Nike shoes in the two warehouses have declined, and the sales volume has also decreased significantly. It is conservatively estimated that they will lose one or two million.” He further said: “not every shoe has a steady rise, and some have fallen below the original price. When purchasing shoes, we can’t guarantee that every pair of shoes is purchased at the lowest point, so there are still certain risks. “

The platform side in the shoe speculation storm may not want to force the price down, but can only give regular reminders to consumers who want to place orders. As for the soaring price of limited edition shoes, the nice brand side said: “the nice platform sets prices for individual sellers, but the brand side does not support itself. For the price given by the seller, nice does not limit it, but will give a prompt, that is, what is the selling price of the shoes, what was the selling price before, and if the price fluctuates violently, we will have pop-up windows to remind users to consume rationally and place orders cautiously. “

Cheng Xu, vice president of neiliansheng, said that for the problem of shoe speculation, the market regulatory authorities should crack down on unfair competition and eliminate the regulatory gray areas. The brand side should also quickly take measures to control the market behavior of malicious speculation, actively voice, eliminate the negative impact on the brand, and calm public opinion. At the same time, the shoe trading platform should also increase the punishment for individual malicious speculation and false trading, and should not become a hotbed and umbrella for scalpers to make illegal profits.

Who benefits from shoe speculation? Brand businesses wait for the opportunity

Consumers are led

No delivery after price increase

In the secondary market, the transaction between businesses and consumers is mixed with uncertain factors. Once the price of shoes begins to rise, some businesses will not ship them for various reasons.

Xiaosen, a consumer, told Beijing Business Daily that he bought a 41 size aj6 at a store named Xiaohong sports on a certain platform for 6587 yuan. After the purchase, the price of the shoes rose to about 10000 yuan in the secondary market. At this time, the merchants delayed delivery for reasons such as shortage and transfer of goods, and the price of the aj6 in Xiaohong sports store also rose to 9559 yuan. After a month, Xiaohong sports has not yet delivered the goods.

One month has not delivered goods, is full of the contradiction with the merchant’s promise. Hongsen said that the customer service of Xiaosen asked if the price of the shoes could be adjusted in one week after the purchase. Beijing Business Daily reporter saw in Xiaohong sports shop that the price of aj6 has dropped obviously now. The current price of 41 yards is 7699 yuan. The customer service said to deliver the goods in order of order, about 2-3 days.

“It’s very common in the footwear industry that consumers don’t deliver goods or refund after buying shoes because the price of shoes has increased.” “But if the price of shoes purchased by consumers at shoe dealers is reduced, it’s impossible for them to return or make up the price difference,” Wang told Beijing business daily. There are no clear trading rules for such problems in the secondary market of sneakers. “

Mr. Wang continued to emphasize that limited edition shoes are different from other commodities in price fluctuation, which leads to the fact that whether the transaction is smooth or not depends on the seller’s credit. Before delivery, the seller cancels the transaction and gives a refund. Most of the private transactions on the platform and wechat business will not punish the seller.

First limited and then regular

Brand side benefits indirectly

Consumers are not only led by the seller, but also cannot escape the brand side’s “deception”. Perhaps, the brand can benefit indirectly from the secondary market. The price of the secondary market does not directly promote the brand side to obtain revenue, but the brand side will often sell a “flat replacement” after selling the limited edition. At this time, affected by the limited edition secondary market, this kind of “flat replacement” will also have a very high sales volume.

Mr. Wang, an insider in the industry, revealed that when selling shoes, Nike brands will generally launch “limited edition” and “ordinary edition” at similar times, so as to increase the sales of ordinary edition. “For example, aj1, Nike brands often sell several pairs of aj1 at sky high prices first, and the color matching styles are very popular with the public. At this time, the sale of ordinary aj1 will also have a high sales volume, and the secondary market price will double. “

The person also said, for example, that such a model is common. When supreme co branded Nike SB Dunk Low went on sale, Nike brand side also launched a common black-and-white panda dunk similar to the co branded one. To this one view, Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Nike brand square, but as of press release, did not get response temporarily.

Beijing business daily learned that the black-and-white panda dunk, which is selling for 699 yuan, now has a market price of 1500-2000 yuan. Black, blue and pink colors were all sold out on the day of sale, and the sales volume on the shoe trading platform is as high as 100000.

In addition, Dior joint name aj1 and “little Dior” aj1 also have the possibility of “flat for” rubbing heat. The famous Dior co named aj1 was originally priced at 18000 yuan, but now the market price of women’s code is about 70000 yuan. At the beginning of 2020, the sale of the joint brand has aroused numerous concerns. In the face of such shoes with pleasant color matching but prohibitive price, many shoe lovers choose to switch to the “little Dior” aj1 with similar color matching on sale at the same time.

The selling price of “little Dior” aj1 is only 1399 yuan, but the market price of men’s code is about 3000 yuan, and the market price of some women’s code has exceeded 10000 yuan. Some netizens commented: “Xiao Dior is not a joint name. It’s just a name to rub heat.” In fact, the full name of “little Dior” aj1 on the official website is air jordan 1 zoom Racer blue, without any word of Dior. However, due to the similarity of shoe type and color matching with Dior’s joint name aj1, the air jordan 1 zoom Racer blue has always been called “little Dior” aj1 by shoe trading platform and shoe speculation circle.

The bubble will burst soon.

The phenomenon of fried shoes needs to be supervised

“Shoes are different from other goods. Once the price rises, the seller cancels the transaction. It’s very difficult for consumers to buy them at the previous price. The losses range from hundreds to thousands of yuan.” The above-mentioned Mr. Wang believes that the relevant regulatory authorities and platforms should have a clear regulation and restriction on such transactions, so as to avoid consumers’ suffering from “dumb losses”.

In fact, the phenomenon of high-speed rise in shoe prices has a long history, especially in Nike, which can tell stories and frequently co branded. “It’s better to buy shoes than funds,” Xiao Li (pseudonym), a fashion shoe lover, told Beijing business daily. “If you can stock up a few pairs of limited edition and co branded ones at the original price, the price will be sky high after a period of time,” Li said A pair of off white aj1 with a price of 1499 yuan is now on the market at about 30000 yuan, while the price of supreme with a price of less than 1000 yuan is platinum green color of Nike SB Dunk Low, and the price of 38.5 yards is soaring, as high as 25000 yuan.

A series of problems caused by the rising price of shoes, in the final analysis, is the hidden danger of shoe speculation. Economist song Qinghui said frankly that shoe speculation is purely a kind of speculation and has no future. The market for fried shoes is huge, and the risk coefficient is very high. It may soon break down in the current fashion and market aesthetic.

He pointed out that the risk of speculation in shoes should be found earlier.

Inequality investigation group of Beijing Business Daily

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