Spring sugar has blown a new way of clearing the new baijiu.

On April 11, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that the 104th national spring sugar and Wine Fair in 2021 had successfully closed in Chengdu. The spring sugar Fair attracted many wine companies to settle in. As soon as it opened, sauce wine and regional leading wine attracted countless eyes. On the other hand, the new liquor is secretly stored up, and based on its own positioning, new products and brands are displayed, so that people who are accustomed to the old Baijiu Baijiu liquor are in the bright light, becoming a “clearing” during the spring sugar Festival.

Baijiu Baijiu, Beijing Business Daily reporter saw during the spring sugar, Michael Wong liquor, Jiang Xiaobai, millet wine and other new liquor enterprises have unveiled, compared with the traditional liquor, the new Baijiu products are younger and fashionable, marketing means are also diverse, such as injection of technology for products, the use of new technology live wine sales. Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu, a new distributor of liquor, has attracted strong attention from the outside to the taste. But young people are not the main force of liquor consumption. Meanwhile, the new Baijiu is shallow and small in size. It is difficult to compare with traditional liquor in the short term.

春糖刮过一股“清流” 新派白酒开启突围之路

Spring press conference of Guangliang 2021

“Qingliu” in the sugar and Wine Fair

In the spring sugar fair, famous wine and sauce wine accounted for half of the country, but a press conference of Guangliang still attracted the attention of reporters. On April 6, the 2021 spring press conference of Guangliang liquor was held in Chengdu. Lao Zhao, chief brand officer of Guangliang, stood on the stage with a huge ppt background board behind him. At first glance, he thought it was a new machine press conference. At the meeting, Guangliang launched a light bottle wine with strong sauce and fragrance, which is composed of 80% Guangliang 59 body and 20% kunsha sauce body.

Not only Guangliang, in this sugar and wine fair, Gu Xiaojiu built a three-dimensional live studio to catch up with the new live track. Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu has just started “brand building strategy of the Internet first liquor” and launched the “Valley horn animal year selection system”, adding chips to the liquor and naming the liquor with digital names, just like creating a new mobile phone product.

In addition to technology, the new Baijiu in spring sugar is still looking for new consumption trends. Jiangxiaobai’s appearance in Chuntang this time is Meijian, a plum wine brand developed by jiangxiaobai. In Chuntang, a new high-end plum wine product “lanmeijian” is launched. Jiang Xiaobai founder has published an open letter on his official account, which said Jiang expects to better match the new consumption trend products, and even does some horse racing system in some of the company’s headquarters. He hopes that less Jiang Xiao Bai’s peers will appear, and even that colleague is Jiang Xiaobai himself. Therefore, in recent years, fruit cube and Meijian, two new categories and brands, have been born from within.

The new Baijiu also makes its own voice in spring sugar. Tang Wei, CEO of Kaishan liquor industry, talked about the consumer group positioning of Kaishan at the “2021 China liquor industry product innovation trend release and star new product glory ceremony”. Tang Wei said that there is a very clear demand track for “Baijiu” after the 90s. The mountain is facing 28-40 year old consumer groups, and the future goal is to build the new high-end Baijiu brand.

New school comes from new demand

Looking at these new Baijiu, Beijing daily news reporter found that the new Baijiu group is often based on “net born group” to adapt to the younger, healthier and digitalized consumption demand.

At this point, all new Baijiu are competing for spokesmen. Bamboo shoots after a spring rain have been the new Baijiu enterprises that have been anchored in the Internet age. Lao Zhao said at the press conference that the core group of Guangliang is between 35 and 45 years old, and the group of 30-50 years old is extended a little. This group is the one who grew up with internet education after 2000. Chen Zhenyu, founder of Guan Yun Baijiu, once said he wanted to do business wine for the Internet factory.

Another important manifestation of the upgrading of consumer demand is “drink less and drink better”. The new Baijiu liquor also improves the taste of Baijiu, tends to be low and soft. Carding Baijiu Baijiu liquor, which is a kind of new flavor, was developed by the technology of the bottom layer. It improved the flavor of Baijiu by second days without any headaches. The new type of flavor was opened by the independent research and development of the main flavor liquor. Michael Wong launched the “data bottle”, named it in the three year grain base proportion, and marked the raw material ratio in the bottle.

In addition, the industry analysis said that digitalization is the development trend of Baijiu industry. Therefore, it is impossible to tell the new Baijiu liquor of traditional culture story to meet the consumption demand of “net group” and launch a series of digital products. For example, Michael Wong used the first domestic data to sell Baijiu as a marketing selling point, and millet wine launched “Valley horn animal year selection system” and so on.

Compared with traditional Baijiu, the marketing mode of new Baijiu also comes with internet gene. In Baijiu marketing expert Cai Xuefei, Baijiu consumption pays great attention to offline scene experience, and the means of dissemination are mainly traditional media and channels. The new Baijiu mainly spread through the Internet, which is the new style Baijiu, which is the main culture of young people, and the target group is determined by the new generation of young consumers.

Meanwhile, Cai Xuefei expressed concern about the new style Baijiu’s over emphasis on Internet marketing. “Although the Internet has positive value for the brand communication of new Baijiu and consumer interaction, after all, it should return to the taste and education level of the product.” Cai Xuefei said so.

A small “clear stream” is not a big river

Back at Guangliang’s press conference, Lao Zhao explained his sales results in 2020 on stage. As of March 31, 2021, Guangliang’s financial year 2020 has achieved terminal sales of 1.635 billion yuan, which has nearly tripled in one year.

Guangliang is not the only one to achieve this kind of climbing growth. Beijing Business Daily reporter combed, found that Jiang Xiao Bai sales revenue in 2017 broke 1 billion yuan, in 2018 amounted to 2 billion yuan, in 2019 nearly 3 billion yuan; the millet wine sales volume in 2018 amounted to 50 million yuan, 2020 sales volume approximately 100 million yuan; just now has the hand in hand the spirit forest the view cloud Baijiu once disclosed that in 2018 achieves the sales volume to exceed 30 million yuan, the sales volume of the clear copy reaches 100 million yuan.

However, a “clean stream” of new Baijiu is still difficult to match with the surging river of traditional liquor. For the listed Baijiu listed companies, the one billion magnitude is still hard to get listed, and leading enterprises are reaching billions or even billions of dollars.

Not only that, the old wine companies are not willing to be surging, and gradually start the transformation of youth. Luzhou Laojiao, chabaidao and zhongxuegao are popular brands among young people. Tuopai, Langjiu, Wuliangye and other brands have also launched their own small bottles of low alcohol liquor.

For the future of the new Baijiu, Cai Xuefei believes that the main trend of the new Baijiu liquor is to flavor and style, and it is still the trend of culture, and emphasizes the product’s good and healthy. In the future, new Baijiu should go back to the product itself in the direction of branding and quality, and focus on offline scene construction.

Ouyang, a beverage industry researcher, said that Baijiu should not blindly use the Internet, but instead, it would use the Internet to break out and go to the line. For new style Baijiu, we should not only focus on the small circle, but expand the circle outwards and deep plough the product itself.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Dan

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