Lenovo Xiaoxin air 15 new product exposure: 7Nm CPU narrow frame design

Recently, Lenovo announced the latest news of the Xiaoxin air 15 2021 sharp dragon version.

According to the warm-up poster, Lenovo Xiaoxin air 15 2021 is equipped with four narrow edge anti glare screens, 100% sRGB high gamut screens and DC dimming. In terms of performance, the poster shows that the new air 15 will be equipped with AMD sharp dragon 5000 series processor.

It is understood that Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 15 2021, which is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation core processor, has been released. At that time, it was equipped with MX 450. This should be a regular upgrade of Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 15 product line.

Author: Li Fei


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