Tencent’s new cultural creation: unveiling the road of cultural power’s scale and innovation

At this year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, it is a broad consensus of many NPC and CPPCC representatives to enhance national cultural soft power through the implementation of digital strategy of cultural industry. Indeed, on the way of China’s transformation from a “cultural power” to a “cultural power”, digitalization is undoubtedly the key to breaking the situation. “Young you” has been nominated for Best International Film Oscar, and Chinese language film has been nominated again after more than ten years. Combined with the overseas popularity of the film and television works represented by “Qing Nian Nian Nian” and “fox demon little Hongniang”, it has quickly opened a gap in Hollywood blockbusters, which is also a new proof that China’s original IP has opened up the global market.

This just reflects the strong demand of the world for Chinese traditional culture IP. However, at this stage, there are still not many cultural symbols with great global influence in China, and the only ones with high overseas popularity are the monkey king, Hua Mulan and other IP. Therefore, it has become the most important development strategy to enhance the national cultural soft power through the digital transformation of cultural industry.


In 2018, Tencent put forward the new cultural and creative strategy. As a new production mode of digital cultural industry, its core idea is to promote the integration of cultural value and industrial value, and realize the two wings of culture and economy. The emergence of new culture and innovation strategy also makes the scale output of China’s original digital IP on the right track.

In 2019, in the “Chinese cultural symbols for a new era: 2018-2019 annual cultural IP evaluation report”, the IP going to sea situation in the fields of film, drama, game, literature, cartoon and animation was evaluated for the first time. Among the 74 head IP included in the report, Tencent company participated in the creation of up to 29; in the top 20, Tencent occupied 11 seats. Among them, “fox demon little matchmaker” appeared in the report as a typical case of animation going to sea.


The biggest change brought by the new cultural and creative strategy for the film and television, animation industry is to provide a sample of cultural innovation. Under the gene of “technology + culture” of Tencent, the new cultural and creative strategy has been widely connected with cultural subjects such as the Palace Museum and Dunhuang museum since it was put forward. It has used digital means such as film and television, animation, music and games to integrate with traditional culture. Even the cooperation with cultural subjects and local subjects has begun to enter a large-scale stage.

With the help of Tencent’s “Yuewen dance” series, Yang also created a digital experience in the Forbidden City Flying wings bring new experiences and changes to the activation of traditional culture.


As an important part of “Digital Cultural China”, Tencent’s new cultural creation has rapidly become an important force in promoting Chinese cultural symbols to the world in the digital era. In fact, all the works hatched by the new cultural creation attach great importance to the integration and expression of Chinese traditional culture. Since its inception, its goal is to promote the integration of traditional culture with the digital era through digital means, bring new experience and new changes to the activation of traditional culture, and bring China’s image to the world.



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