Jinli Technology turns loss into profit

At the mention of Guo Changwei’s name, the public may only know that he is the actual controller of Zhongrun resources and the chairman of ransheng group, and people in the industry will add the title of “capital Hunter” to him. In April 2015, through the acquisition of Jinli Technology’s actual control, Guo Changwei became famous in the capital market. In the next few years, it has cashed out nearly 1.5 billion yuan to stabilize the capital market.

Guo Changwei was an ugly man in 1973. His public information was very few and his manner was very low-key. However, in the A-share capital market, Guo Changwei made many moves and created a typical template. He also let him go all the way and created his own way of capital operation.

Among them, the most typical case is Guo Changwei’s acquisition of Jinli Technology in 2015. It is understood that at that time, Jinli Technology was mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of various kinds of nameplates, film switches, traditional plastic parts and IMD products (mainly IML plastic parts), as well as camera optical dust-proof lenses, touch screen surface glass lenses and high-level optical coating products. It was subordinate to manufacturing, and was regarded as a “sunset industry” by the capital market. At the same time, Jinli Technology has fallen into a bottleneck period of development. It can be said that whoever takes over is a hot potato.

With many years of capital operation experience, Guo Changwei took over Jinli Technology and immediately started the asset restructuring of Jinli Technology. He spent about 2.1 billion yuan to acquire mmoga, an overseas game e-commerce platform. The value-added rate of this acquisition is as high as 37.7 times. Moreover, under the operation of Guo Changwei, in December of the same year, Jinli science and technology announced a large-scale transfer, and the controlling shareholder submitted the 2016 profit distribution plan to the board of directors of the company, with the intention of increasing 30 shares for every 10 shares. Guo Changwei’s operation has reversed the tragic situation that Jinli Technology, which is analyzed by market professionals, takes about 15 years to return to its original capital.

After this operation, Guo Changwei’s reputation has also risen. Many investors are optimistic about his subsequent participation in Zhongrun resources, and give Guo Changwei such comments: he has many years of investment experience in the capital market, understands the relevant laws and regulations of the domestic capital market, and has rich experience in company management. In the late integration of Zhongrun resources, Guo Changwei was able to show his skills again and received the attention of the market frequently.

At present, the businesses controlled by Guo Changwei are mainly involved in Internet games, real estate, investment management, etc., which are hot industries nowadays. What kind of operation Guo Changwei will have in the future is still concerned by the industry.


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