Big brand 50% off! 412 Jingdong air conditioning super category day, Miss waiting for a year!

In March, a ten-year rare sandstorm swept across the country, and nearly 3 million square kilometers of people deeply experienced what is “the pain of breathing” and “Huang Tian can live up to those who want to”. At the same time, indoor breathing environment has become the primary concern of people. Fresh air conditioning, which focuses on oxygenation, purification and sterilization, has entered the public view.


In order to speed up the improvement of the indoor air environment of the public and improve the quality of people’s healthy life, on April 12, Jingdong launched the super category day of air conditioning, which helped the whole people open a new life of healthy air with a large number of popular goods and super value low prices. As low as 50% off, 412 yuan of pop coupons, plus 24-hour fast installation overtime compensation, 600 yuan old for new subsidy and 365 days of high-quality service, “4.12 Jingdong air conditioning super category day” has undoubtedly become the most suitable super value promotion season for purchasing air conditioners in a year.


Here is a new product specially for respiratory pain. TCL smart fresh air conditioner, with its unique “little blue wing” technology, integrates many sensing and recognition functions, such as carbon dioxide content recognition, air cleanliness recognition, distance recognition, temperature recognition, humidity recognition, etc., which can detect the indoor environment at any time and become a switch to protect the health of users and families. In terms of comfort, this product supports healthy and intelligent soft wind technology. Through 14 soft wind blades and 1330 micropores, it can deliver smooth laminar flow soft wind and stably provide healthy air. Whether it’s cold wind in summer or hot wind in winter, the comfort is amazing. During the event, the price of this product is only 3499 yuan. In addition, if you can grab the God coupon, the Zhenxiang index will be absolutely full!


In addition, the recommended new air conditioner exclusive version of Mijia is also the kind that as long as there is a real demand, you will not step on thunder when you close your eyes. Based on the new generation of dual hybrid fresh air system, this 1.5pi fresh air conditioner of miejia has self-developed centrifugal turbocharging technology, which can deeply purify indoor air, release fresh air through secondary pressurization, and create indoor natural oxygen bar. At the same time, this product adds “health screen” for the first time, which can display the indoor air health status in real time. It has built-in high-precision CO2 sensor, which can intelligently adjust the fresh air volume according to the indoor air condition. The fuselage is equipped with UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization system, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. In addition, all DC frequency conversion, a new level of energy efficiency, comfortable wind and other high-end configuration are also available. It really realizes the three in one function of fresh air, purification and sterilization, and keeps good indoor air all the time. In this activity, the exclusive version of Mi’s new air conditioner only costs 3599 yuan, and it’s not too cost-effective to order after grabbing 412 yuan!

In addition to the two new products recommended above, Jingdong air conditioning super category day has more value-added products waiting for you! Casati, Hisense, Midea, Gree and other air-conditioning brands have joined hands to create a number of special promotions, such as new life, big brands, Jingxuan service and selected brands, so that consumers can enjoy super value, intimate and convenient shopping experience. Focus again! In this activity, Jingdong not only provided a 50% discount on the big brand air conditioner and a 412 yuan coupons, but also a 1 yuan trial of fresh air conditioner, a 999 yuan extra value second sale of air conditioner, a 24-hour super fast installation overtime compensation, a 600 yuan saving from the old to the new, and a 365 day extra value service. Still wait and see friends directly start it, heart is better than action, let your healthy life, start with a new air.



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