Good ingredients make good taste. This is how Banu’s “elite hot pot” is made

Known as “Haidilao plus”, Banu is famous in the catering industry for its delicious raw tripe. It not only attracts the admiration of many colleagues in the industry, but also captivates wave after wave of diners. Even in the scorching sun and the cold winter, customers in Banu’s stores are all in line. All this is just raw tripe.

Barnu, who advocates “product first”, emphasizes that the quality of raw materials can be guaranteed through direct purchase of raw materials. At the same time, it takes the lead in applying the special technology of “papain tenderization” to raw tripe in China. This technology completely retains the nutritional value of raw tripe and makes it crisp, tender and delicious. Starting from the professional links of origin procurement, food processing, cold chain distribution, preservation technology and even instant cooking techniques, Banu redefined and upgraded hotpot, which changed the traditional impression of “no technical content” of hotpot.

The focus of Banu management is not to expand the market or how to use Internet marketing, but to focus on products. Banu firmly believes that Yiwei Haoshi is spiritual, while Banu Maodu hotpot is to transform them into another form and continue to do it seriously, which is also a respect for the ingredients. In the hot pot industry, the characteristics of food materials are: on the one hand, hot pot seasoning has always been the secret magic weapon of operators, and give them new life, so that the mutual characteristics of food materials can be fully interpreted. So what kind of ingredients make it taste like this?

好食材造就好味道 巴奴的“精英火锅”是这样炼成的

Search for Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Seasoning is the soul of hotpot, while Zanthoxylum is the soul of the soul.

As an important role of hotpot seasoning, pepper has always been the most important ingredient in the substrate. Among them, Sichuan Maoxian is famous for its unique color, aroma, taste and shape, and its quality ranks first in China. Zanthoxylum in the bottom of Banu Maodu hot pot is Maowen Dahongpao!

From the middle of July to the end of August every year, when the fruit turns red and the oil sac on the peel is convex and translucent, Maowen Dahongpao starts to pick manually; the harvested Zanthoxylum bungeanum is naturally dried until the water content is less than 10% and enters the Banu food processing plant.

After careful selection by the workers, if the grain sorting reaches the standard of Banu, it can be regarded as the all-way through the customs. You can join the “base camp of Banu base materials”

Every day, the whole food processing plant in Chongqing is full of fresh fragrance. After frying, the bottom material is vacuum canned in the completely closed canning workshop. After passing the factory inspection, it is distributed to the stores of Banu and comes to the customers.

Every fresh, rich, tender and crispy taste in your mouth is the “city” that Banu firmly maintains and defends.

Because of the large consumption of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, every year in the purchasing season, the buyers of Banu stayed in the Qiang village for about a month to collect the full amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum for a year.

Purchase Shizhu red pepper in the hometown of pepper in China

In the world of food, pepper is a magic thing. This condiment, which has only been spread to China for more than 400 years, has stirred up China’s food order for thousands of years. And a pot of spicy hot pot, its soul, a large part of the pot depends on the bottom of the pepper.

Almost mature at the same time as Maowen pepper, there is also Shizhu red pepper growing in the hinterland of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and terraced fields.

Shizhu red oil is red and bright, and the meat is thick and spicy. The degree of spicy can reach 500000 SGD, which means that the spicy taste can be completely diluted with 500000 times of water. Shizhu’s Chaotian red pepper can extract 6.532 grams of capsaicin per kilogram, which is not only far higher than many domestic peppers, but also comparable with India’s devil pepper, which can be called the hottest pepper in China. However, it has the precious characteristics of spicy but not dry, long cooked and fragrant, and is a good raw material for spicy hot pot.

The peculiarity of beryl is that it matures from the bottom and is picked after it is red. The first crop of pepper is the best quality pepper. The pepper growing on the top branch matures late and its quality is slightly inferior. Every year, Banu would pick the first crop of pepper when shizhuhong was ripe.

The pickled red pepper can be quickly dried at the local processing plant to lock the gorgeous color and spicy essence. Only then will they be sent to the base material processing plant of Banu in Jiangjin District of Chongqing to meet with Dahongpao of Maowen, qinghuajiao of Jinyang, huangkoujiang of Guizhou, Douban of Pixian, etc. in the top-grade butter, a pot of red and spicy food is gathered.

Ginger must choose Guizhou huangkoujiang

As the saying goes, “ginger or old spicy”, yellow ginger spicy full, this is the market plate ginger can not compete! Guizhou huangkoujiang has a lot of fiber, golden color and rich fragrance, which is undoubtedly the best partner for the bottom material of Banu Maodu hot pot. Huangkou ginger has the effects of relieving exterior and dispersing cold, warming middle and stopping vomiting, warming lung and relieving cough. The addition of Huangkou ginger undoubtedly adds a strong and healthy flavor to the bottom material of Banu Maodu hot pot.

Pixian Douban, the lubricant of flavor collision in the substrate

In pursuit of the ultimate taste, Banu naturally chose Pixian Douban, which is known as the soul of Sichuan cuisine. It is because of the existence of Douban that the pungency of de Banu base becomes “gentle”, and it also increases the taste and fragrance of the base. Douban in imperceptible, let the base material sublimation, blooming on the tip of the tongue!

Banu people control every link of Banu hot pot, from raw material purchase, base material production and processing, to store experience, strict requirements, the ultimate selection, only to bring you the most satisfactory delicious enjoyment!

好食材造就好味道 巴奴的“精英火锅”是这样炼成的



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