2299 yuan! Curved screen + flagship texture all available in my X7 Pro supreme Edition

As the fastest growing domestic brand in the past two years, realme insists on providing young people with the most cutting-edge innovative technology and fashion design, and passing on the product concept of “dare to exceed the level”. Just last week, realme’s new product, zhenwo X7 pro, was released. It adopted curved screen design in the price range of 2000 yuan, becoming the cheapest curved screen mobile phone at present.

2299元就能搞定!曲面屏+旗舰质感真我X7 Pro至尊版全都有

In September last year, zhenwo X7 series was launched. With its C-bit color design and leapfrog performance, zhenwo X7 series won the praise of young consumers. A few days ago, the upgraded version of zhenwo X7 Pro not only has curved screen design, but also costs 2299 yuan for 8g + 128G version and 2599 yuan for 12g + 256g version.

The biggest change of zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition is the upgrade of Samsung’s high-quality flexible curved screen, which further improves the appearance value and grip. Zhenwo X7 Pro supreme is also the first curved screen mobile phone of realme. No matter the front or back of the phone body, it adopts curved design to make the user feel more comfortable when holding it.

2299元就能搞定!曲面屏+旗舰质感真我X7 Pro至尊版全都有

This 6.55-inch Samsung curved screen has 1080p resolution, supports 90hz screen refresh rate, 360hz touch sampling rate, dci-p3 wide color gamut, 4096 level brightness adjustment, and 1200nit peak brightness. The overall screen quality is very rare in the price of 2000 yuan, which is also the first high-quality curved screen mobile phone in the market.

2299元就能搞定!曲面屏+旗舰质感真我X7 Pro至尊版全都有

Fashion design has always been the traditional advantage of real mobile phone engraved into DNA. This time, the recognition of my X7 Pro supreme version is still very high. The two color matching sky city and Heiqiao forest are of great personality and attitude. The color matching of “sky city” adopts double lines and double plating technology, which combines static color with reflection color, and the magic color is flowing and eye-catching. “Heiqiao forest” is closer to the color of chocolate, giving people a calm and mysterious visual impression.

Chaoku color matching and frosted hand feeling are not enough. Zhenwo X7 Pro supreme also has a 170g + 7.8mm ultra-thin fuselage. Holding it in hand, it has the performance level of a top flagship in both hand feeling and texture. On the front, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme version adopts the hole digging screen design, the screen proportion reaches 92.1%, and the visual impression is excellent.

2299元就能搞定!曲面屏+旗舰质感真我X7 Pro至尊版全都有

In addition to the curved screen design, other configurations are also excellent. It is equipped with Tianji 1000 + 5g processor, with strong overall performance; under the ultra-thin fuselage, it has a built-in 4500mAh battery, supports 65W smart flash charging, and can be fully charged in just over 30 minutes; the rear 64 million triple camera + the front 32 million ultra clear self camera supports streamer portrait, bringing better photography experience.

On the whole, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition is such a high-quality curved screen mobile phone with balanced configuration. It is the only one in the 2000 yuan range. The high-quality Samsung screen, which focuses on upgrading, has brought great improvement in display effect, appearance and grip. At the same time, it has excellent performance in performance and flash charging image, which is very suitable for young fashion people.

At present, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition is currently in hot sales. With the cheapest high-value curved screen blessing and balanced configuration experience, and Zhenxiang’s price, it has successfully leaped over the level, and won the praise of many netizens and the market. On the whole, it has a lot of reputation, and you can earn money if you buy it. If you also have a super heart, you might as well go to the official mall, Huantai mall, and the e-commerce platforms of Jingdong, tmall and Suning.



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