Beijing hicool global entrepreneurs summit ready

In 2020, hicool will emerge from the cocoon, and Beijing · hicool will become a hot topic in the field of global entrepreneurial talent exchange. In 2021, the second hicool global entrepreneurs summit and entrepreneurship competition is ready to start. Based on serving the overall development situation of the construction of Beijing International Science and technology innovation center, with the theme of “entrepreneurship interconnection and innovation boundless”, hicool will continue to update itself, improve breakthroughs, and realize transformation and comprehensive upgrading again.

The 2021 competition will be officially launched on April 16. In the next four months, through a series of processes such as preliminary screening, preliminary competition, semi-final competition and final competition, excellent projects in 2021 will be selected from the world’s outstanding entrepreneurs and excellent projects, and a grand award ceremony will be held at the 2021 summit to commend them.

In order to further achieve the goal of global talent selection, hicool has opened up a new entry channel for local projects on the basis of focusing on overseas projects. It is estimated that thousands of entrepreneurial projects from more than 100 countries and regions will focus on Beijing’s “fourteenth five year plan” industrial layout, including artificial intelligence / financial technology, medicine and health, new generation information technology, new energy / new materials / energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment, culture and technology In the end, 140 projects will win and share a total reward of up to 100 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that the policy coverage in 2021 will be further extended to the winning projects, which also means that more and more global entrepreneurs can enjoy the exclusive supporting preferential policies of hicool.

The 2021 summit will be held at the end of August in Shunyi New International Exhibition, Beijing. It will highlight the concept of “entrepreneur centered” of hicool and pay tribute to the world’s outstanding entrepreneurs with the orientation of Beijing’s urban science and technology innovation. The summit will set up award ceremony, theme forum, achievement display, new product and new technology launch, docking and exchange, and simultaneous activities to comprehensively display the phased achievements of Beijing’s construction of an international science and technology innovation center, attract global outstanding entrepreneurial talents to settle in Beijing, and continuously inject potential talents and development resources into ecological construction. The exhibition area of the summit will exceed 20000 square meters. It is estimated that there will be more than 200 enterprises participating in the summit, which will gather well-known exhibitors in the industry, such as China and even the world’s leading enterprise innovation center, VC, fund, international science and technology innovation enterprises, International Exhibition Group, science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Group of Beijing 16 districts, enterprises in the vertical field of entrepreneurship service, scientific research institutes of colleges and universities, excellent entrepreneurship projects, etc. It is estimated that more than 30 top leaders in the world will gather together to exchange Innovation, collide with dreams, and build an “innovation brain” of the international science and technology innovation center from the perspective of the global entrepreneurs theme summit.

Hicool’s entrepreneurial ecology in 2021 is a sustainable, one-stop service platform built by hicool. It connects with the global mainstream technology innovation incubation acceleration mode, and builds a “six in one” hicool entrepreneurial ecology of competition / summit, housekeeper, business school, industrial park, fund and online platform. Projects and talents are introduced from the competition summit, accelerated by business school empowerment, and promoted by housekeeper’s accurate service To form entrepreneurial project development clusters at different levels, the Industrial Park maximizes the aggregation effect, and relies on fund investment means to help entrepreneurial projects achieve better capital link and development leap. The online platform fully supports the whole entrepreneurial cycle ecological chain, helps all parties quickly link resources, realizes efficient and accurate docking, and covers the whole life cycle of entrepreneurial projects Period.

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